For a rich crop of tomato seedlings should be grown properly

Growing seedlings in our climate is an integral part of many of cultivation of vegetables and berries, but the most popular culture - is a tomato seedling in the spring found that in almost every apartment inveterate summer resident.In tomato seedlings do not require complex care, and in the summer and autumn the plant is able to please their owners rich harvest to the most frosts.If we take into account the fact that tomatoes are now in stores are not cheap, even in the harvest season, the benefits of their growth is obvious.

Home seedling tomatoes depends on the variety and climatic characteristics of the region.In order to get the seedlings of early varieties, it is necessary to begin to sow the seeds for a few weeks before the seeds of mid tomatoes.The south of the region, the need to start early to prepare for the garden season, because in the southern regions of the earth is warming up before, and therefore the growing season the plants will last much longer, and during that time it will be poss

ible to collect a larger harvest.In the south of the country to begin to sow the seeds of early tomatoes can be had in mid-February, and in the central region - only a tenth of March.Older varieties are sown at two to three weeks later.It is desirable to hold the seeds before planting during the day in water at room temperature or in a damp cloth to facilitate germination.Perhaps the use of special nutritional formulations for germination, but you can do without them.Then, when the seeds were in the water, they must move in moist gauze or other water-holding medium and keep them there until such time as the seeds sprout, checking several times per day.

How to care for tomato seedlings

for tomato seedlings in the ground need special composition, so better to buy a special mixture of soil ready for planting tomatoes.As soon as the seeds will sprout, you need to transfer them to the seedling tray with pre-cooked moist soil and sprinkle the dry layer of one centimeter to the germ had the ability to breathe and could soon hatch.The process of germination and transplanting can be delayed for a few days, but it's better than waiting until the seeds sprout all - overgrown roots can grow into the tissue and broken, if you try to remove them from there.

For the fall of a rich harvest this crop of tomato seedlings in need of certain conditions from the outset.In particular, it needs a lot of light, otherwise the plant will form properly and can not bear fruit abundantly.If the light in the room is not enough - you need to install artificial lighting devices, the most effective of which are fluorescent lamps or energy-saving lamps.At night, plants necessarily need to be given a period of rest and try to protect them from excess light, which is inevitable in urban areas, for example, cover them with opaque material from the top or from the side of the window, otherwise the night they will still be attracted to the light source, albeit weak,and malformation of the crown can not be avoided.

Once the true leaves begin to appear, the seedlings made temper, that is to put a few days in a cool place, without changing the level of lighting.It made a tomato seedling growth slows and strengthens the ground part of the root system.This will prepare the seedlings for transplanting into the ground, as well as contributes to obtaining greater crop due to the fact that the more developed root system can extract from the soil more nutrients.

When these leaves grow, and there will be two, hold the pick seedlings.This usually occurs within two weeks after planting.Or plants pricking transplanted into individual cups or two in one and placed under shading for a couple of days.

Somewhere in a month and a half after the pick plants can be planted in the ground.Before landing in preparation for the transplant into the ground and made to harden the seedlings, placing it overnight in a cool place for 5-7 days.Transplanting a tomato should be made for suitable weather conditions, when the night temperature does not fall below zero.