How to Grow Tomato Seedlings for the Early Harvest

It is a popular perennial plant, native to South America, cultivated in our country as an annual and grown through seedlings, which can be bought at the bazaar.Unfortunately, such seedlings may not produce a good harvest.It is better to grow seedlings in this case, you can not only gather a rich harvest, but to get it in certain terms.

Want to know how to grow seedlings of tomato, to get an early harvest?To begin with the preparation of seeds - and only of the good, full of seeds can get strong and healthy seedlings.Selected for planting seeds lay on grades in a linen bags, and half an hour in a warm etch, a one percent solution of potassium permanganate.

then decontaminated seeds, rinse under running water for two hours and put in a thermos with a water temperature of 50 degrees for heating.Do not warm up the battery or the stove, because the seeds dry out.

Another piece of advice how to grow tomato seedlings so that it was united and strong.To enhance seed vigor, treat their growth stimulants.

For the nutrient solution spoon wood ash pour 0.5 liters of warm water, stir thoroughly and leave for a day.Then carefully pour off the upper part of the solution and place in it the seeds for 3-4 hours.Now, the seeds can be sown in boxes filled with a special soil for tomatoes, fit and universal primer.If you are using the earth from the garden, it must first be ignited.

To know , when to plant tomato seedlings, it is necessary to clarify, it is grown for greenhouses or outdoors.For film or glass greenhouses seeds are sown in late February - early March.For the cultivation of tomatoes in open ground under the film need to change sown in mid-March.And to know the exact day when slipped over tomato seedlings, it is necessary to turn to the lunar calendar.The moon has a great influence on plant growth and therefore this calendar, according to many gardeners, is almost the most important of their "tool".

Seeds are sown at a depth of one centimeter in the grooves, which can be made with a ruler every three centimeters.After germination the seedlings should be thinned out.Picking can be carried out after the appearance of the second true leaf.In order not to damage the stem, the plant out of the ground is not pulled and break sharp stick or fork and hold for semyadolki.Weak and sick plants are discarded, and from the rest by a scissor cotyledonous removed and the first two of these leaves.Plants better dive into individual cups from the high side so that you can then pour the ground by 2 centimeters.When picking plants should be watered abundantly.

to seedlings not stretched, you need to follow the main rule, how to grow seedlings of tomato - each plant should receive enough light and space to grow in breadth rather than height.It is also important in the room where there is a seedling, to maintain a certain temperature conditions: day temperature should be 20-25 degrees, and at night - 8-10 degrees.If, nevertheless, the plants continue to stretch, lower the temperature by 2 degrees.The same temperature is maintained after the pick plants.

During the entire plant must be well ventilated and have adequate lighting.If the light from the window falls enough, it is necessary to illuminate the plants under fluorescent light.

How to grow tomato seedlings so that in a month she had a trunk as thick as a pencil?To do this, the seedlings need to feed a few times.This leads to the following question: what to feed the seedlings of tomato?First time to feed the seedlings in a bucket of water take 5 grams of ammonium nitrate, 40 g of superphosphate and 12 g of potassium chloride.A week later, a second feeding, a week later - the third.Every time you need double the dose.It should be remembered that, if used for growing seedlings bought in the store a special soil, fertilizing it can not carry out.

The fourth time you need to take a bucket of water 10 grams of ammonium nitrate, 40 g of superphosphate and 80 g of potassium chloride.What to feed the seedlings of tomato, if it grows poorly, or vice versa, there is an excessive increase it?To stimulate the growth of seedlings in the dressing add more nitrate, and to slow the growth - to increase the dose of potash and phosphate fertilizers.