Gas cooker with gas oven - for and against

There are two types of plates: together with the oven as a separate option.Gone are the days when the plates were primitive and limited application functionality.Modern plates can almost everything from baking to ruddy shish kebab.In addition, modern stoves have a different set of features that can satisfy both professional chefs and a simple housewife.To begin with let's deal with the classification.

addition that the plate may include or may not include an oven, stove and oven exist various types: gas or electric.Ieit turns out that variants are possible:

- gas stove with gas oven;

- gas stove with electric oven;

- electric stove with an oven.

Consider the advantages of gas and electricity.Gas - a fuel that has a relatively low cost, as opposed to electricity.A great option if the house is connected to the centralized gas supply.Gas cooker with gas oven does not require additional communications (in the form of electricity), which greatly simplifies the installation of the device.Gas heating -

more rapidly, ieIt requires less time for cooking.If we consider the disadvantages, they are as follows:

- it is difficult to regulate the temperature;

- open fire;

- smell;

- difficulty in operation.

If you can not determine what is right for you: gas cooker with gas hob, electric oven with electric or alternative - a gas cooker and electric oven, it is necessary to see the pros and cons of electric devices.Advantages:

- availability of electricity;

- security;

- precision adjustment of fire;

- ease of maintenance;

- forced ventilation;

- additional software features.


- the price;

- slow dynamics of the heating.

Besides the presence or absence of the oven, when choosing a plate is necessary to pay attention to the size, the color, the depth of the oven, the number of burners and their form, the existence of different modes of operation, additional functions.For small kitchens a good option would be to double stove gas stove with oven.For the spacious kitchen can be a good solution cooking stove with four burners and a separate oven.In the end, it all comes down to your interior - choice of color, size and separateness.

So what gas cooker with good oven?If the choice of two options, the better it will be an electric oven.Cooking in the oven often quite delicate process because of the high temperature and low visualization of the cooking process.Fine-tuning mode, self-timer on and off enable a simplified cooking.Gas ovens also have a timer but do not have automatic shut-off.

Normal modern gas stove with gas oven has a maximum gas-control and lektropod.Some manufacturers install on their plate automatic maintenance of fire and forced ventilation (oven).Oven grill may have a function, which at times exceeds a gas grill.Moreover, it is inherent in a more subtle regulation of fire by issuing the temperature on the dial, and the modal control heaters gives you more options.

suschetvuet on the market are many companies that manufacture gas cooker with oven.Leaders who prefer to consumers is: AEG, Bosch, Kaiser.Of course, this is not the cheapest models but they have high reliability and excellent functionality.

If you just lay the kitchen or redesigning the kitchen space, while the best will separate oven and cooking hobs.By purchasing these devices separately, you get a functional and versatile devices in the area.