Frying pan with ceramic coating - a new generation of kitchen utensils

This cookware as the pan is in every house.For what it is not worth talking about.Cooking possibilities pans are so large that they are difficult to enumerate.There are also different types of kitchen accessories.This pancake pan with low bumpers.It is, of course, intended for making pancakes.And at the bottom of the pan grill has a special protruding ribs.From them on food are strips that create the effect of cooking grill.There are pans with high, slanting or straight walls.They are called a saucepan.They can not only fry, stew and products, jam, cooking sauces, and much more.Finally, the wok - utensils for cooking Chinese dishes.It is a round, deep and with a convex bottom.She warms up quickly and holds a good temperature.

Produce these kitchen utensils made of cast iron, aluminum or steel.Each of these metals has its advantages and disadvantages.But some of these disadvantages are eliminated easily.It uses a special coating.Previously, manufacturers have used for this purpose Teflon.He is well ful

fills its non-stick feature, but is easily scratched, and must be handled very carefully.But now use more modern ceramic coating pans, made of titanium-based or silicone.For example, German and pans Bergner Kaiserhoff.They are not afraid to use metal blades, and caring for them easier than Teflon.

Frying pan with ceramic coating of this kind is becoming one of the most practical accessories for the kitchen.It can be easily and quickly prepare a variety of delicious dishes and virtually without any fat.This food will retain its useful properties, will not lose its natural taste and nutritional value of the whole.

therefore gradually cookware with Teflon coating goes by the wayside.After all, at its core it is a plastic polytetrafluoroethylene, which is subject to external influences.And if you compromise the integrity of the coating, or heated to a temperature of over 260 degrees Celsius, then it begins to stand out the most about a hundred different chemical compounds.And many of them are not harmless to humans.It is quite another pan with ceramic coating brand Green Pan.It is environmentally friendly and absolutely harmless.

In the manufacture of a new generation of ceramic coating, perfluorooctanoic acid is not used, and there is no polytetrafluoroethylene.These coatings are made of a principally new composite termolon who invented recently.This material is a special, very strong glass with non-stick properties of high quality.Therefore pan with ceramic coating strongly ahead of their traditional counterparts.Termolon not only safe for health, and also very durable, it has a high resistance to corrosion, heat and wear.Also termolonovoe coating made of chemically inert.In short, its parameters are very similar to the parameters of a heat-resistant glass, which is very widely used.

This pan with ceramic coating to clean easily and quickly.However, if you use the dishwasher, it may lose its non-stick properties.But this machine it is not necessary.It can be washed for several seconds with warm water and conventional detergents.Also important is the design of these modern pans.Any of them easily fit into the interior of the kitchen modern look.Designers are working out all the details in this kitchen utensils, up to the handle.It is made so that she asks for her hand.

Therefore, the best pans with ceramic coating every day are becoming increasingly popular among housewives and among professional chefs.It pans of different types of leading world manufacturers, brands like Ballarini, Gemeni, Earthchef and many others.And it's all thanks to the advantages of the ceramic coating.Food cooked in a frying pan of a new type, do not lose their useful properties.And the fact that a healthy diet is also a guarantee of longevity - it is no secret.