Space-saving kitchen - oven with microwave function

known that the oven can be combined with a stove and be a separate instrument - the oven.The oven is designed for long-term impact of temperature on products.The oven can not be reheated or defrosted foods as:

- in the case of a gas oven - fast warm-up and large inertia (heats quickly, but it is impossible to uniformly heat the whole);

- in the case of an oven - a slow process is not economical.

solution may serve as an alternative or a microwave - oven with microwave function.

This oven can be built in as a separate (oven) or being together with a stove.It's all about your preferences and capabilities.It should be noted that the electric oven may have a function of forced ventilation.This is due to the fact that in the gas oven open fire and staging of such turbines is possible.Forced ventilation provides increased speed and uniformity of cooking.Oven with microwave function - quite a popular device.The Internet is now quite a lot of debate about which is better - all in one or separately?Natural

ly, the separate devices will be in any case the best option.The thing needs.

If you have the space and budget, a good solution would be built in oven with microwave function.Built-in oven can be located in convenient place, which facilitates the design of ventilation.Built-in ovens have a number of nuances that are worth paying attention when buying such a device.The first thing that characterizes the oven - a working volume.From it flow and dimensions.If you are not going to cook a large roast or a whole family of wild boar, it is wise to buy a compact oven.In the case of built-in oven, color is of secondary importance.The only thing that is important - and the door panels.

functional oven can be quite large (for example, with the function of microwave oven).From the functional depends on the internal structure.If you have a grill, you will get a separate heater.If the microwave oven, there will be a special coating and a rotating pan.Diversity modes, temperature and operating time, the intensity and distribution of the heat - this is only a plus.But if you only occasionally will make hot, all these features are useless to you.The next moment, which is of great importance in the selection of the oven - design performance of the door.

This case design ideas producer.The whole point is to pull out the trays.Please note that the oven can have from one to three removable pan.Any microwave oven with the function has typically two baking, both for different purposes.Regardless of the functional, technological, these shelves can be easily removable, and is rolling out.Depending on how the manufacturer has taken care of your convenience while cooking and then cleaning, may be opening a door or two down the door (open vstoronu).In addition to structural elements, it is necessary to pay attention to the glass.If it has multiple layers, it means that the heat sink is smaller.It also affects the tightness.Speaking of leaks, you should choose an oven with seals made of composites and corrugated edges of the door.

So what requirements must meet the normal function of the microwave oven with?If you really need a "transformer", then be sure to pay attention to the modes of operation and quality of materials.Often it happens that the two combined in one device, working much worse.Choosing high-quality products such as AEG, Siemens and Bosch, you are laying for themselves a quality device.Also, check the interior materials.Cheap plastic seal and will give you extra odor and harmful toxins.High heat-resistant steel will give not only a good resource instrument, but easy to wash.The last thing you need to be sure to check out - the presence of the various trays and additional forms and trays.Packaging plays an important role sincethis convenience.You will not have to re-buy something extra, and guessing with dimensions.Add to all branded materials manufacturer, and you not only get the bonus, but also peace of mind.