Built-in gas hob with electric oven - its advantages and tips on choosing

When choosing a gas stove should be aware of a few basic parameters.Ovens are gas, electric, independent and dependent.What is the main difference between them?Independent wind slabs are divided into gas and electric - they save space and complement the interior kitchen, management is carried out by their own panels.Dependent ovens are connected to the hob.

Buying oven, pay attention to its functionality.Modern embedded gas stove with electric oven can be equipped with a microwave.The more functionality the oven has, the higher its value.

Cheap ovens (5000 rubles) are equipped with a standard set of options: motorized spit, door handles, and low thermal conductivity, no more than 7 programs Retractable switches.Typically, embedded gas stove with electric oven has several interchangeable functions: convection mode and spit - is its main advantage of embedded gas cabinets that have a smaller set of features.Convention regime in gas cabinets missing sinceventilated air may extinguish the fire.

stove with a good oven, grill, five programs and accurate regulators replace your kitchen appliances, and a few will save extra money.In great demand in the market of household appliances are built-in stove, it is not surprising - this kind of technology is very useful not only in large kitchens, and small spaces, thanks to its ergonomics and high technological performance.Built-in gas hob with electric oven maximizes conveniently mounted anywhere in the kitchen, in contrast to freestanding gas stove.

Most people prefer it to the surface of the independent gas with electric oven.The fact that the food in an electric oven warms evenly, you can simultaneously cook different dishes.The downside is considerable expendable electricity, so gas stove with an electric oven is more suitable for apartments, where the predominant electric heating.

few tips for choosing

Models equipped with convection (internal fan) reduce the time of cooking, baked through better products and have the heating mode.Gas oven with convection cooking allows any dish, while retaining their beneficial properties.Next to that it is necessary to pay attention, it's self-cleaning system.The most common:

· Pyrolytic system - fat deposited on the walls of the oven, split under the influence of heat.

· The catalyst system.By oven walls are fastened special plates, which attracts the entire process of preparing fat.The service life of these plates to 10 years, after which they should be replaced.

If the home has small children - choose an oven with safety interlock and good thermal insulation flaps, most advanced models have cooling ventilation that provides reliable insulation.It is very convenient when the oven has a retractable telescopic trolley mode or baking - easier access to cooking.

Equally important is a timer at the electrical ovens, he can program the oven to switch on / off, if there is such an option, you can freely engage the other things without worrying about preparing a dish, the oven will turn off by yourself in due time.With more options, you can control the temperature of the meat probe products.The choice is yours, be careful and do not buy on the cheap, high-quality gas cooker, equipped with various functions, it can not cost less than 10 000 rubles.Well established brand following boards: Hansa, Bosch, NORD, Zanussi, GEFEST, LG.