Choose the right size and function of the dishwasher

Today we still find staunch opponents of the dishwasher, which consider it a waste of resources acquisition.But, fortunately, these individuals getting smaller.The modern housewife, busy at work, as well as raising children, understands the benefits of use of the dishwasher.And they (the benefits), as compared to manual washing of dishes, enough to convince the most hardened conservatives.In civilized countries in the world dishwasher has long roots in the kitchen area.And in our homes this device began to emerge and win the trust of users only in the next decade.

main advantage of dishwashers is that they save you precious time, performing a job that you hate.After all, there are few fans do the dishes!Beautiful hands hostess (or host) - a second advantage.Without succumbing to the adverse effects of water and an alkaline detergent, your skin will retain its well-groomed appearance and health.

quality washing dishwasher is far superior to the result of manual labor.Dishes really shines and squeaks

impeccable cleanliness when it is removed from the machine.This is undoubtedly necessary appliances not only saves time but also energy.Water is used several times less, the machine itself is heated, save energy, or gas is spent on heating.

When choosing a convenient and functional device, it is necessary to pay attention to some of the criteria.The important role played by the size of the dishwasher, ease of use, its appearance and a set of relevant programs and functions.

Thus, the size of a dishwasher depends on how many members in your family and how great kitchen.There are compact machines (45h55h45sm), they are designed for a maximum of 4-5 sets of dishes.Full-length (60h60h85sm) devices for large families, are able to simultaneously wash 12-14 sets.And narrow - width 45 cm, for a family of 3, for 6-9 sets.

Dishwashers release freestanding and built.Knowing the desired size of the dishwasher, it is advisable to determine in advance to its location, and leave the space in the furniture set.Location of the device adjacent to the sink to be the most appropriate in order to minimize movement in the kitchen.

Possessing information about what kind of car you decide to purchase, a furniture designer calculates the required size of the cabinet under the dishwasher.But it should be noted that the manufacturers of household appliances are developing a standard size dishwasher, which is ideal for installation in the kitchen wall.Itself a niche as the size of the facade for the dishwasher to be 45 or 60 cm, depending on what type of dishwasher you choose.It fits perfectly under the table, with adjustable legs.

for comfortable operation invented many useful functions aimed at maximum savings and efficiency.For example, half load allows the use of only one basket, reducing water consumption by half.Saves water and self-cleaning filter, which passes through the same water is used repeatedly.The presence of multiple programs in the current models of dishwashers gives you the opportunity to choose a suitable for the particular utensils and degree of soiling.With salt and rinse aid indicators, it is possible to regulate their consumption.The relocation of the baskets - this feature allows you to lift the upper basket that increase capacity lower.Memory dishwasher after random stop program includes a point at which the washing process stopped.

in premium devices also has child lock, heat exchanger.He is able to save energy due to the accumulation in the previous cycle, the heat sink and its subsequent use.Removable nozzle sprinklers make it easier to wash large dishes, and delaying the start switch on the machine after a time interval that you specify.

All these useful functions can also be attributed to the benefits of dishwashers.Among manufacturers, presented in our market, popular firms like ARDO, ARISTON, INDESIT, ZANUSSI (Italy), GORENJE (Slovenia), WHIRLPOOL (American-Italian company), BOSCH, SIEMENS (Germany).Properly selecting the device that will satisfy all the needs, you will never regret "in vain" waste of money, and spending the time saved with the family, every day will enjoy a good acquisition.