About kitchen equipment Longran.

The article tells about the brand Longran, which is well known in the world of different products for the kitchen - both comfortable and practical, and stylish and modern.The first part of the article described the kitchen sinks, in Part 2 (this) describes the accessories and faucets for kitchen sinks and kitchen appliances brands Longran.

For those who did not have to get acquainted with the first part of the article about the brand Longran, briefly mention that the company has Longran equipment for the kitchen in Italy and Germany.Russia also produced goods, a group of companies TEKAR brand Longran.Top quality products allows kitchen sinks and faucets, kitchen accessories and integrated kitchen appliances brand Longran successfully compete with Russian and Western leaders, while maintaining consistently high positions.

Kitchen taps Longran. product range for faucets for kitchen sink is very wide due to different styles (classic, professional, retro, ...), the abundance of forms (smoothly curved,

strict geometrical ...) and sizes (large and small sink), types of coverage (bright chrome andchromium, copper, bronze, "granite" in a variety of colors to match the sink), forms the spout and the absence or presence of the sliding shower form levers, handles, valves, as well as additional equipment.For cleaning, installed near a window, designed faucets height adjustable spout that did not prevent the opening of the window sash.Kitchen taps designer models Longran yavyatsya not just decoration good cuisine, but like other products of this brand have high quality, confirmed by international certificates.Functionality, comfort and ease of use, excellent service and reliability - these are the indisputable quality characteristics mixers Longran, which, along with izyskannm appearance and liked the Russian consumer.

Kitchen Accessories Longran. stylish and practical details of which are provided with an additional kitchen sinks and wash through which turns into a full-function work center, which includes everything needed for comfortable work, and there are kitchen accessories.And what exactly offers Longran?This is, firstly, cutting boards made from bamboo, wood, tempered glass and colored plastic.Fit to size and installed on the sink, the board thus increases the working area.At the same time this board remains unchanged appearance of the sink, protecting the surface from scratches and damage.In the end, life is extended for the kitchen sink.Next come Colander Stainless steel or plastic bowl for washing, which combine the functionality, usability and outer beauty.Colander designed for cups, as a rule - for a small bowl, and there are basic.Wire or stainless steel removable basket is very convenient for the kitchen work.They are useful for rinsing dishes, washing fruit and vegetables, they can be left washed dishes for water drainage, etc.The variety of finishes and shapes, shades of color and materials, accessories creates great opportunities for interior design kitchens in different styles and directions.

Kitchen appliances Longran. made in Italy, which in itself speaks volumes for the buyer.The collection of promising models of built-in appliances for the kitchen includes ovens and cooktops, in which you can choose different styles of kitchen interior.Independent electric oven different qualities such as large volume and variety of functions - defrost, convection, double grill, reversible heating and so on.Gas ovens are equipped with electrical grill.Colored ovens repeat shades of granite sinks Longran.Convenient control system makes everyday cooking meals a pleasure.Care ovens are also very attractive, since the rear wall is provided with a self-cleaning catalytic panels, internal enamel - easy cleaning.The number of options and modes in ovens Longran profitable attracts potential buyers.

List of gas hob includes models with 3-4 plates of varying thickness, with cast iron or enameled grates and burner caps with automatic ELECTRONIC with a single turn of the control knob, with the obligatory gas burner control with front panel.Design presented by stainless steel panels on black and white glass, colored panels.Independent of the glass-ceramic cooktops are also produced in various versions - in black and white ceramic, round and square shapes, with touch control or front panel.Mandatory options are: number of levels of preparation - to 9, the presence of a timer, a system for the protection of children, the burners of different power.At least one of the burners - a double.

To summarize, the main thing, in our opinion - all marketed under the brand name Longran products for the kitchen equipment - kitchen faucets, sinks, accessories, equipment - meets two basic criteria - it has a charming beauty and maximum practicality.More thoroughly acquainted with the above products offered in the online store Atlant-S, via the website http://www.atlant-u.ru.For buyers in St. Petersburg opened in terms of retail sales, the address can be found on the website.