Tips repair Kitchen

Before starting any repair should think about what you want to know whether it would be a small cosmetic repairs or overhaul to the possible redevelopment.And on the basis of this will become clear front future works.Note also that major repairs require specific knowledge, skills and experience.You may have to consider the option of hiring a professional for repair or maintenance crew.

If your choice - it's a little redecorating the kitchen, it is quite possible to do without hiring a professional.This will significantly reduce your costs and allow to learn something new.You will not be easy to zashpatlevat walls, reinforce the ceiling, paint the walls, wallpaper paste, put the heat under the floor laminate or tile, replace switches, lights or hood.

If you choose to paste the wall wallpaper, then carefully evaluate their quality and performance.Stay those that can be frequent and easy to wash and wear.You can also put the tiles in the kitchen and to the ceiling or to consider a partial masonry - fo

r example, in the most polluted areas, such as near a stove, sink, and the remaining space is wallpapered or decorate other materialami.Chtoby repairs in the kitchen did not have to do too often because-this excessive pollution and zakapchivaniya walls around the plate, be sure to set the hood.It will also allow you to breathe more fresh air, not on the fumes of prepared foods.And what kind of hood choose depends on what your expectations from it, and financial capabilities.Of course, the ideal option would be a powerful built-hood with a dense filter that can filter out even the smallest particles floating in the air.Also, there are two types of filters - disposable and reusable.Disposable activated carbon filters have proven themselves excellent for cleaning from particles in the air, and to neutralize odors.Print the hood, of course, the better the ventilation shaft.Also important is the size of the drawing and - the larger it is, the larger volume of air will clear in less time.

To make your kitchen to stay warm and cozy even in the most severe frosts, as well as in the off-season when the central heating is not yet included, is to attend the installation of underfloor heating.Antiquated way of heating food - like the ignition of gas burners and oven opening are not only ineffective, but also extremely dangerous.Nowadays, more and more preference is given to the issue of food heating infrared heat floors.What IR choose a warm floor?

Everything here again depends on the size of the repair.For example, if you decide to put the tiles on the floor, a great option would be the core warm floor UNIMAT - he put in a layer of screed or tile adhesive.If you already have a flooring, such as laminate or you are going to bed, turn your attention to the film warm floor Saleo - it is suitable for dry mounting, and is easier to install.