About Brenda Longran and goods of the brand.

If the reader solves the problem - equipped kitchen, namely: to look for the kitchen sink, faucet and matching accessories for her as well as built-in appliances, this article - just to be able to help him in the solution of their problems.The article tells about the brand Longran, which is well known in the world of high-quality equipment for comfortable, stylish, modern cuisine.In the first part of the article (this) tells about sinks Longran, the second part of the talk about accessories for kitchen sinks and faucets and kitchen appliances Longran.

To begin, we note that the products are produced under the brand name Longran enterprises in Italy and Germany, as well as in Russia - at the Group of Companies TEKAR that combines both suppliers and manufacturers of sinks, accessories, faucets and kitchen appliances.Top quality products, due to the latest production technology, strict selection of advanced materials, as well as the German and Italian accessories - is the main principle of the producti

on of branded Longran.In the context of saturation of the market at the present stage, when the user makes to the goods increasing demands, kitchen sinks and faucets , accessories and kitchen appliances brands Longran successfully withstand fierce competition with Western and Russian leaders.

And now briefly describe what is produced in the company Longran and is offered in Russian trading network - kinds of kitchen equipment, the main characteristics and advantages, models and materials.

Sinks Longran.The collection features a modern sink sleek design and natural beauty, wide functionality and supreme performance, exceptional strength and straightforward maintenance.The variety of models reflect the new design trends and European currents.The result of the perfect combination of strict German functionality and truly French charm steel sinks, relevant in the kitchen of almost any conceivable style.Longran produces cleaning of stainless steel and granite (or composite) washing.

Stainless steel sinks presented a series of Lotus - practical and modern washing a variety of shapes and sizes, with one - two wings or without wings, with one or two bowls;They fit perfectly into the classic cuisine.Available in models for a large kitchen, and for a small kitchen, without compromising functionality and comfort in use.Different ways of installation - standard or in a corner cabinet - increases the possibility of choice.Stainless steel sinks are very easy to care for and durable.

Granite sinks are made of advanced composite materials and NANOGRANITE LONSTONE, which are harder than natural granite.Created with the help of unique technologies of natural granite particles, which are added to the polymeric binders and resistant dyes, these new materials are best suited for the production of kitchen sinks.These granite sinks, referred to as composite, have exceptional properties - extraordinary strength and unique dimensional stability, color fastness (washing of the composite produced in color, more than 25 different shades), resistance to temperature and dirt, smooth and even, silky surface and, thanks to those describedproperties, extraordinary ease of care.Moreover, granite sinks Longran today, perhaps, recognized as the most practical for the kitchen sinks.Models granite sinks so much that there is no meaning, no opportunity to describe them here.Here are just a color palette: delicate transition from cold to warm tones in the colors of natural stone - is a classic style;modern style made expressive shimmering color "metallic".

Longran The company has developed a unique protection against the growth of bacteria on the surface of kitchen sinks Ā«Schock-AntibacĀ».The principle of this protective system is that of the composite material added to the natural silver ions, which contribute to reduce bacterial growth.

summarize, briefly - kitchen appliances brand Longran - is the unity of the maximum practicality and enchanting beauty.And to learn more, make a reservation or purchase of the existing in-store or warehouse can be the online store Atlant-S, via the website http://www.atlant-u.ru.St. Petersburg residents can visit the retail outlets, as listed on the website.