We will try to choose the right style of cuisine

This article attempts to help you choose the style decision of kitchen space - briefly stated, what are the kinds of food than usual guided in choosing style kitchen and, most importantly, offered appliances for kitchen sinks and different styles.

Every fashion and style of cuisine, including too changeable.And, of course, a reasonable person would not blindly follow fashion when choosing a style of cuisine.But to ignore the spirit of the times it would be foolish.Therefore, you should try to limit their true preferences to determine not to regret the choice.For many families it is a place of daily kitchen common gatherings or short get-togethers, not to mention the lady of the house.

So you want to make this place was convenient and comfortable, stylish and cozy, a real home.Of course, the choice of style cuisine, primarily based on the lifestyle and preferences of the inhabitants of the apartment.But, nevertheless, there are two basic approaches - an aesthetic and efficient.Though rationalists an

d aesthetes different build a list of core values ​​- quality, design, functionality - the very values ​​consistently in any approach to the choice of a particular style of cuisine.Since the comfort and psychological comfort, maximum order and convenience in the kitchen of almost all styles makes it an exact match of the three components.

As for the actual cooking styles, here it is now possible to allocate some drastically different versions.Firstly, no one has repealed the "classic" style of cuisine that is associated with Italy.Kitchen in perspective style «high-tech» uses in the design of glass, aluminum, steel.The style of "modern" a refined form of brevity and variety of modern materials.Kitchen extraordinary style "neo-classical" is distinguished by its balanced design and style of "retro" and does not require performance - here opens a considerable field for the imagination.

Sinks, accessories, kitchen appliances

Thinking about the style of your future kitchen, you need to address issues of space organization throughout the kitchen, the choice of color palette built machinery and equipment, visibility and availability of kitchen utensils.The complex arrangement of dishes made in a single design implies compatibility of kitchen equipment and accessories, furniture and sink with mixer.To date, only major manufacturers of high-quality kitchen equipment is able to offer consumers the whole range of styles.

Company "Atlant-Yu" offers just such goods - kitchen sinks and faucets, accessories and kitchen appliances brands TELMA and Villeroy & amp; Boch, FOSTER and LONGRAN leading manufacturers from Italy, Germany and France.TELMA, as a leader in the design and manufacture of composite sinks, offers its customers sinks more than 50 colors of the 5 types of composite materials.Thus, colors of granite sinks TELMA provided so that harmony with appliances ARISTON and ELECTROLUX, SMEG and NARDI and so on.FOSTER - a world leader in the manufacture of kitchen equipment of stainless steel.In Foster produced a collection of kitchen sinks and built-in appliances for the kitchen of a single design for different stylistic solutions.Model range of sinks and faucets LONGRAN harmonious and the most adapted to the different styles of cuisine.The company Villeroy & amp; Boch has earned an impeccable reputation in the manufacture of kitchen sinks made of ceramics.

Many kitchen sinks do not differ clearly belonging to a particular style.Completely fitting into all kinds of kitchen designs, their color or shape they define the style.The site e-shop "Atlant-U" group identified the following sinks design: interior and ship sinks style island, antique sink and design a hunting lodge, universal cleaning and washing in a country style and modern design sinks.

A careful approach to the updating of the kitchen makes sense to see the full range of specialized stores, which is the Internet-shop "Atlant-Yu."This will enable to understand the abundance of proposals, select the appropriate option, and make it a reality.