About Ceramic Kitchen Sinks Villeroy Stamps

Company Villeroy & amp; Boch, specializing in the creation of ceramic products for the kitchen, table decoration and a bathroom, working in this field for more than 250 years.Ceramic products of the brand Villeroy & amp; Boch enjoys an excellent reputation around the world, including in Russia.This was made possible thanks to the fact that its production Villeroy & amp; Boch uses the most modern technology in combination with its own traditions, exceptional craftsmanship and rich experience.

Particular attention is given to ceramic kitchen sinks , which, of course, meets the requirements of the time.Kitchen sinks made of ceramics produced by Villeroy & amp; Boch possess extraordinary qualities, which is largely due to the characteristics of the ceramic material, which could not be better applied in the modern kitchen.The design is carried out well-known experts, the award-winning.Each of the brands of washing is done manually, and this is confirmed by the personal brand of the molder.

Ceramic sinks Villeroy & amp; Boch offer many advantages, the main of which are briefly noted below:

• ceramic sinks have good thermal stability, so that the sink can be safely put and frozen foods and hot dishes;

• kitchen sink for a long time retain the original look, as they have a high resistance to wear and mechanical stress;

• extremely smooth surface of the sink is very pleasant to the touch, and, moreover, does not delay the use of water and various liquid and, therefore, marks and stains on it almost formed;

• surface of ceramic sinks resistant to household chemical products;formed traces of coloring products - beets, red wine, tea - can be easily removed;

• thanks to special hygienic, located in the washing products do not transmit any foreign taste or smell;

• colored ceramic wash do not fade in the sun, so that they can be installed near a window;

• in the production only natural environmentally friendly materials;

• special style and a wide color range of ceramic sinks Villeroy & amp; Boch provides an ideal opportunity to combine with facades, countertops, faucets, tiles and kitchen accessories.

Convenient accessories, high-quality faucets and kitchen sinks brand Villeroy & amp; Boch variety of colors and patterns that can give an individual look of any kitchen, offers a wide range of the online store Atlant-U via the website http: //www.atlant-u.ru.