Kitchen Faucets Stamps Longran - briefly about the model

family spends in the kitchen much of the day.On this basis, while equipping the kitchen, we strive to ensure that the work and stay in it brings pleasure and joy.It is well known that the washing Longran favorably allocated technical and functional characteristics, modern design.Their fashionable appearance underlines the elegance of good cuisine.Comfort and ease of use make the process of maintaining cleanliness and food preparation easy and even enjoyable.And since kitchen faucets - essential elements of this cleaning, the company Longran they are given due consideration.

Longran produces its sinks in several of the most sought-after colors.This metallic colors - Metallic Black and Titanium, classic - beige and oats, black and pearl gray, old stone, and simulates the natural color of the stone.To achieve maximum combination sink and mixer taps, too, are produced in different colors - granite, bronze, copper, chrome and bright chrome, etc. Furthermore, mixers Longran have different types of cov

erage.And, of course, in the form of a mixer - retro, professional, classical - implemented fresh ideas designers.As a result, the range of models of kitchen faucets Longran very wide.

Brand Longran established itself for its impeccable quality.Quality control of all production is carried out at all stages of production.It is important to note that the manufacturer of this product gives a 5-year warranty, as a guarantee of reliable and long life, as well as the best price in its class!Mixers of high quality, which is the kitchen faucets company Longran, will serve for a long time, and the cost of their maintenance will be minimal.

In the Russian market, as in many countries of the world are well represented brand products Longran, and kitchen faucets as well.In this paper, for information, lists some of the models.

• Impact Granit: Kitchen Faucets Longran for granite sinks, options with low and high swivel spout and a pull-out shower;

• Impact: classic kitchen faucets, options with high or low spout, as well as a pull-out spray and low cast spout;

• TEMPO: kitchen faucets tiltable spout and high swivel spout;

• ARTE: faucets for the kitchen - "retro" style, high swivel spout;

• AG: kitchen faucets original design - separately located switch water and high swivel spout;

• GQ: kitchen faucets net cubic forms, with high swivel spout;

• Winston: kitchen faucets with high swivel spout and a massive body;

• Classica: dvuhventilnye faucets for kitchen sink - style "retro", high swivel spout;

• Vera: dvuhventilnye Kitchen faucet with high spout;

• Sprint - One: kitchen faucet with high spout and tiltable spout is recommended to install the sink mixer, placed in front of the window;

• Pila: Combination mixers for granite sinks, color "chrome" and "granite", with cast swivel spout, single lever.

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