Mosaic with their hands

Currently, any thing made by their own hands, are of particular importance.Buy in a store or on the Internet you can find almost everything you need, in light of this particular value can be any thing made independently, mosaic own hands, for example.Mosaic can be decorated with a variety of home furnishings farmhouse and individual items.Besides the fact that the surface of the mosaic decoration of the interior will be a good home, the facade and the individual elements of small garden architecture and sculpture, they can buy additional semantic and functional load.In addition, make decorations for a country house and garden with his own hands, especially easy and enjoyable.

most interesting thing is that the mosaic with their hands and with love and artistic taste made can decorate not only large surfaces such as walls of a country house, but also very small household items - be it flower pots, for example, trays or countertop.Moreover, often decorated with mosaics even hung in a garden bird feeders

and unique swimming pools for feathered friends.No ban decorate with pieces of colored glass and a decorative pond and "weeping wall", and even garden paths, only for this beautiful feet to go - sorry to be a little ...

Now is the time to talk about that,how to make a mosaic and what materials.Most interesting panels are obtained, probably because of glazes, but it's as you wish.Smalt - a very interesting material, which is non-transparent colored glass baked.Smalta usually performed in the form of plates or small blocks.It is used specifically for the production of mosaic.Very good looks small household utensils decorated with mosaics of glazes, but the patterns and the whole pattern, executed in the technique of true masters-artists look too great.

glazes If not at hand, it is possible to use other options - from pieces of broken color glass to the broken tiles.You can use anything, and in various combinations.Even bright colored beads is quite suitable for the creation of mosaic pictures.

Well, as yet how to make mosaics - go to practice.First you need to choose a sketch of the future product.Then begins the process of birth and a mosaic pattern, consisting in a careful pattern of putting some colorful pieces.The main requirement for the implementation of this work - the ultimate care and precision, otherwise you will just spoil sometimes almost finished work.

to start to perform a life-size sketch to lay out the entire song, and then you need to prepare the surface, which will be decorated with a pattern or a picture of glazes.Clean the surface of dust and dirt is not just necessary, but it is necessary, otherwise the finished mosaic will stay bad.Then on the cleaned surface is necessary to put a special composition - you can use any mixture that are placed on a ceramic tile, for example, Vetonit.Undesirable abuse thick bonding layer just a few millimeters.
Now on the surface must be very careful to move all the pieces that have been placed on the sketch, and the pieces should be lightly pressed into the base.

After you have laid the last piece, you need to move a little to the side and, looking round job, enjoy it, and to assess whether all performed as planned.If all goes well, the pieces can be completely drowned in the solution properly.Then the surface should be smooth and slightly compacted, and the excess solution is removed with a knife.Hour and a half the resulting mosaic own hands can even be polished clean, dry cloth.

Mosaic performed with his own hands from glazes can be used for decorating dishes, trays, as well as sections of the walls in the living areas.If you use less "noble" material, such as broken tiles or colored stones, then it is appropriate to draw blank walls outside buildings, sidewalks and even the deaf fences - all that will look spectacular and beautiful.

So little effort, you can decorate any room.Since mosaic tiles for kitchen is sure to make it the most popular in the house the room where the evening the whole family, more comfortable and attractive.

It is clear that variants of interior decoration with the help of the mosaic can be a huge set, so you need to give free rein to their imagination.