What to cook for my birthday?

«Unfortunately, a birthday only once a year ..." - these words find an echo in the soul of every child, but not his mother, who before the celebrations in honor of their offspring have to make a lot of feats.She should buy gifts, prepare the festive table and food for him, and make a festive menu that is perhaps the most difficult task.What to cook for my birthday - a headache most moms who want to holiday at the son or daughter-paws held at the highest level.

However, this is not just a problem for those who are engaged in preparations for a children's holiday - the menu birthday of a family member of any age should be thought out and composed beforehand.This will have to consider a lot of details, including a difficult problem: how to make sure that the table was full of delicious dishes, guests will certainly have tried all dishes, but do not feel at this weight and inconvenience.

In principle, the "recipe" for a perfect holiday table is quite simple, and the secret can be summed up in one word

- diversity.Guests on holiday sure to offer dishes of meat and fish, hot and cold appetizers, fresh vegetables and made into salads, not to mention a wide selection of desserts and birthday cakes.When deciding what to cook for my birthday, it is worth considering to invite guests and try to cater to their preferences.It is necessary to provide meals equally for vegetarians and meat lovers, for connoisseurs of fine seafood, and for those on a diet.In this case, all will be satisfied and will not go hungry with the holiday.

In addition, the menu for the celebration of the "day jam" should be consistent with the serving table and the style of the event.It is clear that the reception is the most simple solution, in which more importance should be given snacks and salads, beautifully laid out in special glasses, baskets and kremanki.Dinner - event more serious, thorough, requires advance preparation and a wide variety of menus.But the children's birthday party should be quite different - it is best to combine it both styles of "adult" holiday, that is downloaded all feed at the same table, and then provide a large number of snacks, each of which is a child and his guests will be able to take at any timegames.What to prepare for birthday baby?Light salads and sandwiches paintings, decorated in a funny muzzles or flowers, the sea of ​​drinks - from the sparkling water and ending with tea and the most important children's table decoration - beautiful and undoubtedly delicious cake.

composing the menu for the birthday child, you need to include the full power of your imagination.After all, for a small birthday boy and his guests are not so important the taste of dishes (unless, of course, is not a cake for my birthday) as their decoration.Parents must remember that the better the celebration will take place, and the longer it will be remembered with kind words than attractive, fun and interesting will be decorated table.For example, you can apply a dish as funny cheese "hedgehogs", made from cheese (cream or cottage cheese), thin slices of salted biscuits or "straw" and raisins.Because cheese is necessary to generate the most "hedgehog" - it is possible to use a spoon, then attach it to the back of the "needle" from cookies and raisins in place attach the eye and the nose.

Many mothers, thinking about what to cook for his birthday to his favorite child, fully devote their time preparing meals, forgetting that you can apply to the table yet and wonderful cocktails - both drinks and dessert.We need to pour in a beautiful wine glasses milkshake (100 ml. Of milk, whipped with 100 ml. Yogurt), decorate the top ice cream and fresh fruit, if the season allows.It is also important to decorate a cocktail - a slice of orange, elegant umbrella or twisted straw-straw.