Yogurt ratings an important item in the economy

Home yogurt - a wonderful thing.If your house is not it - you will not even notice the lack.If there is - at the store the products you stare never will.It is very easy to use tool, useful and practically indispensable.Modern manufacturers of household appliances offer the broadest range of housewives yogurt, each with different size, shape and functionality for every taste and ability to pay.

You can prepare yogurt and kefir yogurt, useful food for children and many other delicious things - and even if the finished product has not been completely eaten, can get help from all the same container in which it was created.Jars for yogurt are usually made of durable material, with sealed lids, they are easy to clean and are recommended for use even in institutions.Incidentally, the number of such containers, the material of which they are made and the overall design and distinguished data objects appliances.

yogurt reviews generally received very favorable, although there are some shortcomings, of which

more will be said in the description of specific models.It may be noted that such a convenient technique often acquired as a gift, but, having tried, decide to buy in their own household.The device is especially useful that consumes a minimum of power and used elementary simple.You can be sure - homemade yogurt reviews of which are found on each website, idle on the shelf will not stand.

most popular, according to a survey on some websites devoted to kitchen appliances, a model enjoys yogurt «MOULINEX DJC 1", with a power consumption of 12 watts.and the number of containers to 7 pieces (depending on configuration).At the height of this unit is 18 cm in width and depth - to 27 cm. The approximate cost of yogurt from «MOULINEX» - 1500 rubles., And for this amount the buyer gets a great cups, are placed in the cover of a special form and do not collide with one anotherstorage and handling of the device.

addition to a solid fixing cups dignity of the subject of household appliances is a well thought-out and well-executed work system.This yogurt negative reviews did not work, although many customers complain about it not too compact.

second in the number of sales and positive ratings in the rating became a makeshift appliances from the company «TEFAL» - Model «TEFAL 8872 41".With small size (14x25x20) is able to prepare delicious yogurt product as pure and with pieces of fruit or juice squeezed.The set includes 8 compact cups with sealed lids, which can be cooked yogurt several days stored in the refrigerator.Positive points - compact, "manning" a large number of recipes and a built-in timer.Negative - frequent problems with overheating of the product, which leads, according to experienced owners in the death of useful minerals yogurt.In principle, it is because of this and because of the high cost (more than 2000 rubles.) Yogurt reviews collected are not too good and was in second place in the rankings.

The third place buyers kitchen appliances gave the instrument «Vinis VY-1600W» - cute, decorated with bright accents and transparent spherical cap.Together with the yogurt purchased six convenient cups, jars triangular shape.The great advantage of this device before the two described above is an additional opportunity to prepare his cottage cheese.As for the negative reviews, many buyers say minor violations, such as the location of the uneven display or mismatch with holes set of lights.