Swan of the tires how to do?

Like the swan of the tire, how to do it yourself?We turned 1.5 years, and we began to prepare for kindergarten.Visited the site of his future group realized that the work is not just eat it a lot.Since we were given absolutely empty lot where it was necessary to create the hands of parents everything you need, starting with a sandbox and ending with a veranda.We make all by making a contribution, because there had to walk our kids.I will not dwell on how to build a sandbox, boat, etc.of wood, such things are not as difficult to implement.

I want to focus on how we decorated the playground for kids.Namely, we decided to create the creation of tires.It was suggested that a variety of options, but settled on some of them.Each requires imagination of those who will make them as the only way to "breathe" in their lives and make a really bright and beautiful.We have made a frog and swans from old tires.They got so lively and cute, with, it is important that carve a swan out tires is quite simple and not cos

tly.Because swans made of old tires that have already served their time, and thanks to us to get a ticket to a new life, bringing joy to others.However, one dad works in the service station.And it has helped us to get tires and perform most of the work.Because of the cut swan tires only knife does not really need a Bulgarian metal cutting, as in modern tire laid metal mesh that can not be the knife.

to dwell on the issue of a swan from the tire, how to make your own copy.Overall, the tire is cut on a standard template, but you can bring your adding fantasy, deciding what will be your swan is from the tires, how to do.

first need to carefully free the tire from the rim.Then move on to the production of a swan.

prepared casing and put it bears markings.It is necessary to ensure that our swan was smooth and symmetrical.Then with a sharp knife cut the tire on the drafted lines.Run it is quite simple, provided that your knife is sharp enough.Time it will take no more than 20 minutes.

Next chisel or grinder need to smash a solid portion of the tire.It was at this time need a man's hand, it is desirable, able to deal with such a device.Because of this it will be done the head and tail of your swan. "This procedure will take up to 10 minutes. As a result, cuts should be made, where the extreme side portions are the same, but slightly narrower middle part. In this case, the average of the need to cut from one side.

The last two parts should be turned inside out so as to get the detailed wings. With wire and unlimited imagination, bends in several places our swan neck, then perform the bending of the tail.

It is important to treat the head and tail of the swan as to remove all sharp edges onthat children can get hurt. Secure the neck, tail and wings can be packed halves of the ring. The advantage of its application that eliminates the need to use a metal rod or wire.

final stage - painting your masterpiece. Paint can be white, but it might look nice silveror bronze swans. Do not forget to mark the beak, paint it red.

As a result of our labors playground come to life, and kids with enthusiasm and joy considered works made for them with our hands.I hope that as a result of your labors will receive a unique swan of tires, how to do it, now you know.