Flowers made of paper with his own hands

flowers and roses especially fascinate us with their beauty and make other eyes looking at the world.By such beauty is impossible to pass.But you can make flowers out of paper with their hands so that they are just as real.

If the crafts used crepe paper, the resemblance is so perfect, he wants to bend over to the flower to catch the subtle fragrance.Paper flowers with his own hands make both adults and children.This is a very exciting experience absolutely not tolerate haste, helps to relax and rest.

Flowers of paper with your own hands can make even beginners.The main thing - to carry out all slowly, gently.Made with the soul of these colors can be an unusual and original gift.Especially nice look of paper roses.

Rose of paper with your own hands can be done in several ways.Very beautiful roses obtained from corrugated paper or fabric.But if by the hands of any one or the other is not, the paper flowers with your own hands can be done even from the normal tissue.For works still need scissors and

a stapler.From napkins, which do not need to deploy, cut a circle with a slightly wavy edge, a diameter of six or seven centimeters.Then turn kulechkom and fasten it in the middle of a stapler, having fastening across.Now, the bottom part to bend and turn up.

Finished rose can be pasted on cardboard, glue the stem and leaves - you will get a beautiful card.And if you stick a few of these colors, you get a whole bunch.These roses can decorate a gift box.

to work better to take the colored napkins.Very beautiful color turns from red napkins.Paint the white napkin in any color is not so simple, we need a certain skill.If you paint the napkin colors, they just tear or become uneven.

can try to paint with a sponge cloth and marker: apply the ink to the sponge and by promakivaniya dye cloth so that when winding the most intense color kulechka had the sharp end, and close to the edge - was nearly white, as if dissolved.After a brief workout flower color is more natural.

These flowers made of paper with your hands is not difficult to do, and the time it will take a little bit, but they are only good for the sticking to the board, they are not put in a vase, because they do not have stalks.

Rose of paper with your hands on the leg is done in different ways.That's the easiest way.Take the double-sided colored paper, such as red, and cut out of it a square measuring 4 by 4 centimeters.On the need to draw a square and a pair of scissors to cut the spiral from the edge to the center.Then you need to turn off the flower, starting with the outside edge and moving to the inside.To Rose not turned ahead of time, it must be kept tight.Several ready-made roses need to be attached with glue to the twig and put in a vase.Get the original bouquet.

Here's another, simpler way to make flowers out of paper with your hands on the leg.The difference is that the need to twist a straight strip of toilet paper or wipes 25 cm long, folded lengthwise.

strip is wound onto the wire slightly prisbarivaya and forming petals.From green paper cut sepals shaped X and put on the wire.From the same paper-cut double leaves between them and glued a long, narrow strip, which will be wrapped stem.After a few of these colors, you can get the original bouquet.

can be wound such roses on a toothpick and then attach a few pieces at a tennis ball.Such a bead can be attached to the wire.A few of these colors can make a bouquet.Whichever way or manufactured rose made with the soul with their hands they will always bring a smile and cheer up.