Soft toys with their own hands: emotionally beneficial, environmentally reliable.

Toy - an integral part of childhood.It allows the child to explore the world, to carry on her emotions, to train in the development of social roles.Mom creates toys for children with their own hands and invests in them motherly love.This toy is the way it will always remain in the memory of the child.In addition, these toys are environmentally friendly.

With a little imagination, you can make interesting soft toys with their own hands .Use for the manufacture of toys the old things, the remains of fabric, thread, yarn.Old things before use strut, washed, dried, ironed.Remnants of yarn rewound over the steam.For soft toys suitable non-thin fabric and fur.

How to toy with their hands fabric?

Plans for the manufacture of flat figures consists of one piece, which depicts the entire figure entirely.Cloth folded in half inside out, pin the pin pattern paper, cut a seam allowance of not less than two centimeters.Received two parts of a toy.Now cut out of foam padding polyester or another the same

item, but without allowances.Sew the two pieces of fabric (they were folded inside out), that part of the reserve nezashitoy toys, through which it will be convenient to enclose filling.Removing the front of the toy, we put sintepon, straighten, to sew up a hidden seam.Now, we make out and decorate the toy additional details: eyes - buttons, antennae - Lesko.To toy smiling, can be done by two stitches in the corners of the mouth to collect tissue.Roth embroidered red thread.Flat animal figurines are small in size, the time required for manufacturing a bit.

made flat soft toys with their own hands in several versions, you can create a zoo or a fairy tale "Teremok".

more complex for the production of soft toys are voluminous.Pattern characterized by the fact that each part of the toy cut out separately (head, limbs, trunk) and then stitched together.It is best to take a ready-made pattern from a magazine, a book, and you can buy a set for needlework.As a suitable filler pieces of cloth, foam, padding polyester.Sometimes I use wool, but the allergic child, she does not fit.

Soft toys with their own hands , made a hook, also look interesting.Head to associate a circle to the diameter, and then knit a few rows without additions, close the loop.Assign a second such detail.Connect polustolbikami details.Garnish with a head of hair braids, eyes-pugovichkami, mouth-pigtail.

basis for the body, too, will be a circle, only to knit without additions need as many rows as you need for the height doll.After the loop will be closed, fill the body with synthetic padding, sewn edge.By the same principle to link arms and legs.Crochet doll associate bright clothes, slippers, handbag.

Educational soft toys with their own hands become a good helper for home schooling children.

-Gloves Puppets for a puppet theater consists of two parts: a head and gloves.The head can be performed on any cuts to the volume of soft toys and crocheted.The glove is made on the size of the child's hand and is a one-piece dress with sleeves and neck.The hands and neck to insert a cardboard tube to fix the shape.Sew the head to the glove.

With these toys you teach the child to play in the theater - the ancient art of education.Voicing the doll, the child learns to speak publicly, emphatically telling.

addition, you can sew soft blocks with letters or toys, lacing, which will be useful for developing the children's classes.