European Architecture Award.

European Prize Mies van der Rohe award best built from Hungary to Ireland.«Nimbo» chose the most interesting ideas in the categories of architecture, "Housing" and "Single-family house."


When Office Meixner Schlueter Wendt Architekten taken for the project in Kronberg, the main condition was to limit the height.Nearby are historic buildings.The construction of a total area of ​​300 square meters house.m. Ground floor dug into the ground.The main is located on the garden level and fully glazed.Therefore, it seems that the construction soars.The spacious terrace is covered with a visor - extension of the roof.On the idea of ​​architecture visor must fold and unfold depending on the season.


How to make living in the city, but with the rural comfort?Architects Bureau KUBA & amp;PILAR architekti tried to find a solution in the new project."Residential complex on a hill" in Prague - it is simple and durable 13 houses made of materials that

do not require maintenance, - brick and concrete.Between the houses there are tennis courts, children's playground;space planted green lawn.Architects have planned site so that there was no fence or enclosure.


Five poor houses on the beach are in the vicinity of a nuclear power plant.Underlying - XIX century railway carriage.Architects Office Simon Conder Associates had to increase the living space by 50%.Now, in the car rapolagaet kitchen, and the house is built around It is well insulated wooden structure.For heating need quite a bit of energy.Flat roof as a lookout: the sea surface and the beach at a glance.


House in Budapest, designed by architect Peter Kisom so that they are as invisible (facades lined with dark gray tile, and it's a beautiful idea of ​​architecture) and the low-budget (EUR 480 / sq m,m apartments from 30 to 60 sq. m).In the courtyard - green gardens.


This bureau BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) Architects came up with a new typology of housing: the program Mountain Dwellings.Their residential complex - a mound of 80 kvartir- "boxes", which stands on a broad basis - a garage for 480 cars.Living cells have gardens and are oriented to the south, toward the sun.The southern facade of the complex are covered with wooden planks, north and west are covered with perforated aluminum.Through these holes, which form the silhouette of Mount Everest, light and fresh air get into the garage.


Bureau Boyd Cody Arctnitects instructed to extend a private house in Dublin.To the old Victorian buildings architects have attached two-storey extension - a sculptural volume in glass and metal.On the roof of the extension - a swimming pool and a solarium.Inside - a part of the interior is trimmed yew, including the second floor staircase leads yew.Large door trimmed with brass.These ideas have an open architecture porch and a vertical garden.