How to choose a faucet for shower and bath

Today, there are two main options for the location of the mixer for the bathroom.It can be installed on the surface of the bath or on the wall.In the first case out of the side of the bath will serve only spout - "nose" and knobs water.If desired, a mixer can be installed on a cast-iron bath, drilled it, but usually these mixers are used for acrylic baths with wide boards - rectangular and angular.

Wall option are now two-thirds of Russia.Once all Union someone suggested sophisticated mind hanging over the bathroom sink, since this version of the crane with rotating long spout and became so widespread.Spin a tap here and there a lot of people are used to the extent that that situation is simply not present.That is why many foreign manufacturers, supplying its products to Russia, to refuse the release of cranes with long noses are in no hurry.These cranes now deliver many firms in Germany (HANSGROHE, DM, HANSA, JADO), Finland (ORAS), Sweden (GUSTAVSBERG), Hungary (MOFEM), Italy (FARI, FIORI), as well a

s Poland and Turkey.The standard length of a long spout tap is 30 cm, but there are options for the length of 39, 25 and 20 cm. Of course, these mixers are not only customary, but also convenient, but there are also significant drawbacks.

the road or elite lines, sanitary equipment of the best European producers is not by chance represented cranes with mostly short and a fixed spout.The fact that this design is more robust - the various parts and fewer breakdowns in the mixer, the lower the risk that the water ever find out and either bath mixer begins to flow.

Typically, the distance between the holes for the water inlet (bore hole gauge) in imported bath mixer is about 15 cm. In addition, as a rule, they are provided with a special adapter (eccentric pipes), with which a bore hole gauge can slightly change, adjust to the distance between the pipeshot and cold water.Sometimes rigid fastening elements for water pipes, in certain models of crane absent, instead they are provided with a threaded brass tubes or without it - they act as inlets.To attach them to the water pipe adapter required.

difference shower faucets that "nose", they do not have.In such valves water is supplied directly to the shower hose for watering.Watering is usually fixed to the rod-holder or bracket mounted on the wall.On a separate note the so-called "hidden" kind of shower mixer.Hidden she called because the entire mechanism bricked into the wall, out of use for output only installation and shower handle.This design of the shower faucet looks very stylish, but its installation is recommended only if the valve is absolutely reliable, and performing skills of the wizard is not in doubt.Otherwise, if the faucet will leak, being immured in the wall, you simply do not notice that can lead to very unfortunate consequences and serious repair.When choosing a mixer shower should be guided by the price of at least $ 90 - cheaper quality mixers are unlikely to be high.