How to properly bleach Things

How to whiten things

«What could be easier bleaching of things?" - Say you saw the headline of the article.Of course, nowadays the bright packaging and loud promises it seems that only need to choose the right way - and the end of your problems.However, fashion is often powders do not work - the linen is gray, the spot stubbornly refuse to disappear.And sometimes, wetting the laundry according to the rules, you can lose it at all - because "gentle means" was in fact a conventional chlorine.So it's time to arm school knowledge of chemistry and plunge into the unknown world in which "still boiled."

Sort the laundry

Where to start washing?The popular council - just divide the colored and white items.However, sorting by type of fabric is important, not less - in fact, if you wash both cotton and synthetics, you can get a wonderful set of gray stuff, uniformly coated pellets.Often white things lose their presentable not only on the sock, but from improper washing.

Whitening delicate items

So the white stuff changed its color, and now need whitening.If this gentle and delicate clothing made of synthetics - your elegant blouse or refined curtains need gentle treatment of bleaching.The first rule - no chlorine!In conventional basin of water you need to ammonia (one tablespoon) and hydrogen peroxide (2 tablespoons).The solution obtained in the items to be soaked for half an hour.

bleaching linen and cotton

If you need to clean up the white stuff made of cotton and linen, think about the famous "whiteness", which was so appreciates the older generation, preferring its more modern and dense counterparts.Of course, an unpleasant odor during bleaching is provided, but the main thing - result!Make a solution of "whiteness" in hot water and soak the white stuff for a couple of minutes.Thoroughly rinse the laundry in cold water - it will protect the white stuff from the destruction of fibers.

If this process seems too tedious, you can leave after washing underwear soaked in a solution of 5-spoons of turpentine.This method is more gentle;soaked in turpentine white stuff you can safely leave overnight.

whitens by boiling

Let's talk about what you may remember from childhood - a boiling laundry.Just need to mention that it is not necessary to put in a bucket of boiling water, wool or synthetic white stuff.This method of bleaching can move only cotton and linen items.You will need a large enameled bucket and pack of soda ash.To start, soak in this solution the white stuff for a day or two.Then all this should be boiled for at least two hours.The result is guaranteed!

learn how to properly wash white clothes and return things to the methods described above, you pass for among his acquaintances, not only superb hostess, but a woman who can overcome any difficulties.