Independent repair Apartments

possible to make home repairs, if you are not a professional builder?The answer to this question is ambiguous.Yes - if the repair will be purely cosmetic.No - if you plan to major repairs.So - how to carry out repairs yourself, without resorting to a qualified (and expensive!) Masters?
Self Repair timing we decided to leave.So pobespokoytes advance and estimate the time that you need to certain works.Then imagine at least in general terms, what should happen as a result - without it you simply will not know what and how much to buy.To do this it is best to walk through the various construction exhibition, through magazines, where you can find interesting design solutions, look at a dozen other sites (construction and design).The next step is drawing up cost estimates (better do it in advance, what would you clearly presented their future costs).For that sum you count, you can safely add twenty percent and not make a mistake.Believe extensive experience of seasoned builders - the first time it is imposs

ible to completely correct to calculate all costs.And the waste and excess will always remain.
consider how to create for themselves a picture of the cost of building materials.First of all - it's a great work.You (if you really want to save for repair) have shoveled a lot of information: all kinds of price lists, promotions, promotional discounts STROYMARKET.Do not forget about the seasonal rise in prices.The cost of materials is reasonable to advance to lay transportation (most likely you will need a truck - and it is a decent line costs).
So - yourself repair.Where to begin?In the first place without undue sentimentality and doubts bring to the nearest trash heap of unnecessary things (if not accurately, the trash), which I'm sure you have stored.
next step - preparing the rooms where it will be repaired.Rooms must be completely free, that would be as much free space.The walls, floor, ceiling handled according to your plans.
If the repair affects the walls, then we must first get rid of the previous "layers of repair", see how it's done here.If you do not, your new wallpaper (whitewash or paint) will not survive more than a year, and again next vacation you dedicate repair.Sometimes you get to the concrete before you manage to clear the wall to work.
If you have already started serious activities such as cleaning the walls, it is reasonable to replace both electrical and plumbing communication (how to do it correctly, visit the website Daniloff and K).Yes, and the window can be changed.Of course - it's pretty decent cost, but once and for a long time.Staged repairs can get much more expensive.
After all this, you are ready to finish the room.Today, these goals are often used sheets of drywall or MDF.It is quite convenient and solves a number of issues on alignment of the walls and ceiling.After installing drywall sheets are applied on top of the paint or wallpaper.That you will have to decide according to your design tastes.
Now a few general tips to follow that can facilitate you to repair.Be sure to use protective clothing and respirators when working with paints and solvents.Observe safety.Follow folk wisdom - look before you leap ... Do not use materials of unknown firms, do not buy in the markets with it strange materials and tools, as if they were not worth the cheap.
Good luck in your endeavors.