Care PVC windows (plastic windows)

buying new windows for yourself, you must first take into account that if them how to take care of, they will be used exclusively for a long time.Some of our citizens continue to believe that once they install PVC windows, you can do only one thing - to wash them, and nothing more.

But, in fact, the situation seems a bit more complicated: for example, for wooden windows had to watch every year in the form of embedding chips and lacquer painting, the care of plastic windows requires a different approach, you need to start to do everything step by step.

The first thing to start with windows.Windows with PVC profiles are allowed to wash any detergents, which produces our chemical industry.Sell ​​special sprays that must be applied to the total area of ​​fiberglass windows, and then wipe dry with a soft cloth.

But when it comes time to wash windows or fiberglass frame correctly - profiles, care is needed here.It is strictly forbidden to wash any profiles cleaners available in the structure gasoline or

acetone.If you mistakenly use them, you can permanently damage the profiles.In order to achieve the ideal of purity, it is better to use special cleaners that are made on the basis of ethyl alcohol.In this case, you can already be committed to make sure that small degrees of ethanol does not harm the plastic surface profiles.

The same liquid can be washed and drains profiles.It would be useful to carry out even in cold weather, as antifreeze will not allow the ice formed, capable of destroying the fragile internal parts of plastic parts.If you do not regularly wash drains in plastic boxes, the condensation due to the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the house can turn into ice.And the ice expands, just tear everything inside and thereby compromise the integrity of a sealed plastic windows.

But plastic windows differ from the wood in that they have a rubber or silicone seals.So that they do not become rigid, they must be lubricated regularly.If the windows are rubber seals, we can use an ordinary petroleum jelly, which is necessary to put a thin layer and then wipe away the excess.However, when plastic windows are expensive silicone seals, in this case, only buy such mastics, are made based on silicone.

But where do without accessories?The fittings made of plastic windows include locks, rotary mechanisms, handles, hinges.To hardware could serve as long as possible, it should be periodically lubricated.A few drops of engine oil in any of the above mechanisms and further can be considered that the initial prevention of rubbing parts was successful.

windows recently ceased to be a luxury item.They have become as everyday items, like wooden windows.And if you take good care of them, as has been described above, the period of operation increase significantly.