Jade Tree

Jade, scientifically Crassula, refers to the list is not particularly hardy houseplants.The genus includes three species - Crassula tree, hang-downing and ground cover.We mainly spread Crassula tree.I loved it for their bizarre shapes, some grown on Jade bonsai technique.Noteworthy it is the fact that, as many believe, the condition of the plant depends on prosperity in the house.For example, if a lot of leaves on the flower, they are large and healthy - with the money in the house all right.If the plant is sick, the leaves fall, and the house begin monetary problems.Sometimes it happens that the plant is covered with lots of healthy leaves, but they are all small in size.Accordingly, if the money and found, then all this is a minor amount.To plant and grow luxuriantly always happy healthy gloss, it is necessary to observe a few simple rules for the care of "money tree."

thick leathery leaves indicate that a plant is able to hold and retain moisture for a long time, feeding itself.This ability is seen

in cacti.This implies that the plant should be watered moderately.Nedolya better than to pour.Otherwise, the leaves begin to fall.And another thing, though, and Crassula succulent, but not a cactus.So long Nedolya can also lead to the death or illness.The best option of watering - from complete drying to complete drying.

soil for Jade is better to choose easier to absorb moisture well.As part of the soil should contain sufficient amounts of sand.

Contrary to popular belief, that the volume of heavy plant should be planted in a large heavy pot with Jade because not to do so.The root system of her underdeveloped, fill a large pot and drink from it all the moisture it can not.Therefore, in a large tub is likely rotting.

Among the diseases that may be exposed Crassula - is Jose scale.It is important to recognize it at an early stage.This is when the leaves appear white patches in the form of small dots.In this case, you can get treatment from a spray suitable insecticide.But if the disease is detected at the stage of the pest keratinization (solid growths appear small brown), in this case, you must manually remove them with a cotton swab, and then processed.Scale insects dangerous because to remove it completely impossible.If there's at least one build-up - go for a new infection since Jose scale multiplies rapidly.

Since the soil is depleted with time, the plant is useful to periodically feed.The ideal would be fertilizing once a month fertilizer for cacti and succulents.

Crassula Propagated vegetatively, cuttings and seeds.In the first case, one can observe the following - from the center of the leaf or stem of young shoots appear with small aerial roots.In this case you should carefully separate the escape (if growing from the leaf, then with him), and plant them in the soil, rich in sand.You can use the display to complete the rooting soil.Cut the stalks and leaves rooted in the same way, only in this case the stalk is a little dry.

Since Crassula - tropical plant, the rest period she may not coincide with our winter.If the plant is slow growth (which could happen in the summer), and there are no signs of the disease, in this case it is necessary to remove the flowers in a cool place, reduce watering and feeding.If you can not put it in the winter garden, the fit and the sill.Only in this case, put the pot closer to the glass, it will provide additional coolness.