Stand for Monster High dolls with their own hands: a master class

Monster High dolls are gaining in popularity.And not only in children but also in adults.And if the first category of lovers dolls for the most part they just playing, adult fans collect collection.

Why dolls need this attribute?

So, an essential attribute of every doll collection is a stand of dolls.This item can be purchased.In particular, for Monster High dolls there are special plastic coasters in different colors and with distinctive symbols.Just get them and put their dolls.But you must admit, it's not as much fun as making a stand for dolls with their own hands.And besides, they are all very monotonous and do not differ from each other.But if you do your own, you can develop a custom design for each separate representative of your collection.And combine it with the style of a particular doll.

What materials can be used?

Stand for puppets can be made from almost anything.You can order in wood drilled with holes the size you want and simply paste into the holes of wooden sticks with some f

ixtures by type thin rezinochek.But it is costing you a pretty penny.There is another way out.Doll Stand with your hands can be made of any material is worthless.It may be paper, plaster, old wheels and even Sealing lid.In addition, you will be useful to paint residue from fabric and lace, a variety of decorative elements, felt, ribbons, napkins for decoupage.Yes, almost anything.And do not forget, of course, your imagination.In this article we will look at several options for how to make a stand for dolls from all that is at hand.

Option stand of the old disks

If your house has accumulated a lot of old damaged computer disks, but now you can find good use for them.With their help, you can make a stand for dolls, which look like a saddle.That is, the doll sits on the stand, as the bike.In addition to the old drive, you will also need two caps from plastic bottles, piece of sheet metal, aluminum tube, superglue and a drill.Such aluminum pipe can be obtained by dismantling the old antenna.A piece of sheet metal cut out any cans of coffee or tea.

process of creating a stand of disks

to start taking one of the prepared covers and cut off from her bottom.This can be done by using hot knife.We get a ring from the wall to be cut even a small piece.Now we take our tin box and add up to the width of the workpiece at two or even three times.This manipulation will give it rigidity.Fold it in half, but so that she grabbed our ring of cork and batted at him in one strip.The ends of the strips are inserted into the aluminum tube.Now take a second cover, and drill.We select the drill, which by its diameter fits our tube and make a hole in the bottom of the cover.We put our adapted to the workpiece.To all this construction was stable state, glue the lid to the old drive.Thus, our dolls stand ready.We just need to pick up decorations and decorate it all on their own.

Gypsum stand

consider another possible option to install puppet.You must agree that such a stand of dolls, a master-class which has been considered previously, is still somewhat zamorochlivaya.It is therefore proposed to create a stand of more simple materials.In order to process its production was as simple and does not require assistance, material costs were minimal, and while it was decent enough and interesting look.

Preparation tools and materials

For this we need the plaster or stucco, floral wire, or any other.The main thing is that it can withstand your doll.There will also be needed to fill the capacity of the plaster, pliers, hot melt adhesive, a piece of felt, ribbon for decoration and scissors.Perhaps you need something else or something else for decoration.Then everything will depend only on your imagination.

process of creating a plaster pedestal

stand doll with his own hands made of plaster as follows: take two pieces of floral or any other suitable wire and us holding them together, mark the edge of five to six centimeters.Now, this place must simultaneously bend both wires at right angles.Fixing the wire, bend your fingers back down from seven centimeters and divorce ends of the wire in different directions.Now these bent edges so you need to bring to each other, to eventually form a triangle, which will serve as a basis for future stand.Using colored or clear tape, fix the intersection of wire and fold itself.

base is ready, now you need to cook alabaster grout.To do this, take three tablespoons of alabaster powder with a slide and six spoons of the same water.Mix it all, but not in form, but in separate a bowl.Stir until smooth mass.The consistency of the solution should be like thick cream.Perform all manipulations with alabaster, it is better not to delay, because such a solution solidifies quickly enough.Now carefully pour the mixture into the mold and drop into it the triangular side of the wire rod.Slightly move a wire from side to side, and leave it in a vertical position.If the mixture has turned somewhat watery and wire it poorly kept, then it is not a cause for frustration.Just attach it to a vertical position with the help of pegs.

Removing the Cradle from the form

After pouring the solution, leave it all to dry for six hours at room temperature.After this time, it is necessary to remove our stand.After all, it must be thoroughly dry on all sides.You do not need any special tricks.First, simply drag a wall shape in different directions.Then turn the design by placing a wire between the fingers of the hand, and pat on the bottom of the form as long as the gypsum item will be in the palm of your hand.Now just leave it at room temperature overnight for the final drying.

Decoration plaster stand

decorating the stand, do not forget that it should perfectly fit the image of a doll and is like its continuation.There is one rule.The more an image is loaded doll, the easier it should be framed stand for it.The simplest option - it is pasted with felt plaster matching color and contrast ribbon tie.After decorating the necessary checks should wire height.Take a new cut and bend it as shown.After that, well, wrap adhesive tape for fixing.Ideal use adhesive tape on color provoloki.Teper of bent edges forming the waist circumference for the doll.Also, you can use the pliers to bend the edge in the ring.It remains only to attach it all to the gypsum preparation, insert the resulting capture of a doll and a good hold it there so as not to fall out.

This article was reviewed by several embodiments of the stand Monster High dolls and more.Connect all their imagination - and you certainly have something absolutely unique and suitable for your doll collection.