How and why is a didactic game with their hands

Didactic speech therapy games are designed for children aged three to seven years.They should help kids properly shape the structure of words, to be able to distinguish sounds by ear and divide a word into syllables.Speech therapy sessions with the child must be made by a qualified employee, and at home will help strengthen knowledge didactic game.The hands it can be done without much effort.

Why didactic games

Some babies may be difficult to focus on the material, which tells the teacher.Therefore, the child can absorb information and understand everything without being distracted or tired, teachers are used as working material educational games for children.

Speech therapy games help to eliminate problems in the development of speech, correct formation of sounds and how well the child will be able to distinguish by hearing the spoken sounds.These games can be used in the garden or a speech therapist educator and parents at home to secure the material, the more that do speech therapy education

al games with their hands quite easily.You can come up with your own script, which will be based on individual characteristics and preferences is your baby.


All speech therapy games can be divided into several groups depending on the direction in which you want to work with children.Here are the main ones:

  • formation of phonemic hearing children through games;
  • development activities, corrective pronunciation of sounds;
  • games, contributing to the formation of coherent speech;
  • action, develop fine motor skills;
  • correction of stuttering through simple games;
  • create a sense of rhythm in children;
  • formation of speech in children 3-4 years of age;
  • formation of speech in children 5-7 years;
  • games for the development of mentally retarded children;
  • lessons needed to improve spatial orientation, and certain forms of objects.

For playing with the child selects a certain group games, the most relevant in a particular situation.For each group of parents can be made with your own hands didactic game based on the features of the baby.

musical education games

There is a huge variety of musical and educational games for children of all ages, depending on the direction will help kids develop hearing and speech rhythm.All classes are held in the form of games using any musical instrument in a group home or in the garden, as well as using a simple toy, which is very like a child.Musical education games, creating its own, will address the issues of voice is your baby.

The simplest example: children are encouraged to 5-7 items, make sounds of different pitch.The child is allowed to listen to the sound of each item, and then it should turn away, and the adult, by selecting one of the elements, knocks on it.A child at the hearing should be able to determine which item has been selected.

How are developing speech therapy games

Didactic game with your hands it can be made from scrap materials available in virtually every home where there are children.

is primarily colored paper, white and colored thick cardboard, scissors, markers and pencils, PVA glue, you can also use fabric, buttons, or rustling paper wrappers from sweets, laces, Velcro and more.

Game "Colors and Sizes".From colored paper cut circles of different diameters.For making didactic material chosen to 6 primary colors.Cut circles are mixed, and the child is proposed to divide them by color and size.

Game "Find a couple" develops attention and helps in the study of color.At any thick cardboard figures are drawn, for example, cars of different sizes, and then painting the different colors, so that each vehicle in size and color had exactly the same pair.

Game "Domino".You can take a plain paper, which is then pasted on cardboard.A sheet of paper into small rectangles rascherchivaetsya separated in the middle, a line into 2 equal parts.For this game, you will need 4-8 different pictures with your child most liked images.It can be fruits, vegetables, animals, cartoon characters, and so on. D. Images can be created by, and can be found on the Internet and print.On each half of the rectangle is attached one of the images so that the figure had two.Problem baby is to take out the domino chain, the charge of the edges with the same pattern to each other.

Game "Lace".On thick cardboard can be printed out or draw a shoe, having made a small hole where you want to lace will be put to "lace" shoes.For this game, you can use thick thread with a hard tip or an ordinary string.The main thing that the child could easily pass through it into the hole.


Didactic game, created with his own hands, will cost you much cheaper.Furthermore, when connecting a fantasy can be a material that can not be bought in a store.