Boho - style in the interior premises.

Stratification and redundancy in all - that's what words can describe the boho style in the interior.It represents freedom, humor, celebration.Boho-style in the interior can not clearly describe or boxed.There are no restrictions, regulations, requirements for compulsory subjects and materials.There are only some of the key trends.


The main task of this style - pleasing to the eye, so the premium sorts saturated bright and colorful shades.They give the interior optimism and juiciness.The most successful will look colors like yellow, purple, orange, fuchsia, ultramarine.Permission is granted to use the game of contrasting colors, textures, patterns.


boho style in the interior, which presented pictures on this page does not tolerate standard headset.The room can be equipped with a cheerful old armchairs upholstered, "battered" sideboard, chest of drawers made of wood.In general, to arrange a kind of mix of objects of different eras.Standard cabinet or table made of particleboard w

ith difficulty fit into the interior.Preference should be given the rarity and exquisite furniture of natural materials.A good solution may be a big soft chairs and sofas.Vintage furniture can be safely combined with modern design.Metal decorative elements found in headsets, should create an impression of well-worn, worn effect.Therefore, about the popular chrome have to forget.Originality and creativity - this is what distinguishes the style of boho.


boho-style in the interior successfully complement the elements of oriental style.Well diversified one will look different pads, creating warmth and comfort.In general, the prevalence of textiles - a distinctive feature of style.Tablecloths, carpets, lace, cushions, starched napkins, blankets, colored blankets - everything will find its place.Fabrics can be clad with beads or beads.Great look chaotic bedspreads - patchwork.

Decorative elements

required attribute is a variety of handmade products that help make the boho-style interior is truly original and unique.Welcomed woodcarving, weaving, patchwork and unpretentious watercolors.The decor will fit objects reflecting the nomadic subjects, the romance of the road.It can be bags, wicker boxes, straw hats, etc.

main trends

boho-style in the interior knows no limits.It is safe to dream, embodying all your ideas and ideas.Allowed to mix different styles, colors and materials.An important feature of this style - reloading parts, abundant detail.Simple layman should be difficult to perceive the interior.However, the entire specification must be sufficiently deliberate.Most accurately reflect the trend boho style pictures on this page.Color, location or decor highlight things and objects that convey your outlook, character, ambition.Use ellementy hand-made.Unique items that are only in your interior - the highlight of Boho.Creativity and creativity - this is the motto of this style.