Option finishing dishes for you

Finishes small kitchen astonishingly varied.How to make the right choice?At the same time, we try to find out in the following article.

Remember that whatever option chosen finishing kitchen, it must be strictly tied to a specific area that has a specific layout and size.Thus, in the low room hard to imagine suspended plasterboard ceiling.

should choose not only the option of finishing the kitchen, which came to your liking, but also one that will provide a cozy corner for eating and functional work area.

To kitchen renovated as long as possible maintain their appearance, you should buy only high-quality construction and finishing materials.Very popular at the moment the use of panels, but it is not rooted in the past painting and paint repair method.Using the panels, which are represented at today's construction market a large assortment - it's a great option of finishing the kitchen in modern style directions.

In the case where the wall surface are visible bumps and projections of their neces

sarily align - MDF wall panels help to hide all the flaws.

panels are made by compressing wood shavings, which are applied high-quality coating.MDF fixed to the wall with a wooden battens.

option walls in the kitchen include the use of plastic panels.The same material can be clad ceiling.Construction industry produced panels of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) - a high-quality and environmentally friendly material.PVC lower cost than MDF.In addition, the plastic has a high moisture resistance, and as a result of exposure to water vapor and does not warp or swell, which is important for the kitchen.For plastic is easy to care for, he is not afraid of fungus and mold.Due to the cellular structure of the material has high strength and surface imitation wood or stone provides a variety of options for combining.

In that case, do not require alignment of the walls, suitable variant of finishing the kitchen tiles.It is better to thus oblitsevat tile floor and the surface of the desktop and sink.If the walls are tiled from floor to ceiling, the kitchen will take a formal and boring form will be similar to a public dining room or in the hospital.

The kitchen can be laid out with linoleum.Contemporary eco-friendly coating has heat resistance, antistatic and antibacterial properties.High-quality linoleum is not subjected to deformation under the influence of high heels and furniture legs stretched.

competitor linoleum in the kitchen is a laminate floor.Material for it is a solid panel of fiberboard coated with a water-resistant coating.In operation such floors behave as parquet.However, they are not amenable to minor repairs and after five to ten years to be replaced.

walls in the kitchen are often produced and washable wallpaper.This material has a low cost.In addition, it is practical and humidity resistant.In the role of finishing used paint that will fit into the interior of the kitchen facilities.