Children's room or bedroom in the style Chebbi-chic - modern old interior

This style is specially designed for those who appreciate the old days who love to roam the "flea markets" and "draw" strength and inspiration from contact with the old thing, remaining from grandmothers who feel a special charm in vintage slightly shabby household items andenvironment bearing the energy of many generations of people.I create it a woman, an Englishwoman Rachel Eshvell and a style especially for women, sophisticated and romantic.What is its special charm?

room style Shabby-chic

interior is decorated in this style, like "priporoshit" muddled time as curvy ladies wigs yore, heavily sprinkled with powdered like old lace ball gown from the museum, a bit shabby, tarnished, butIt has not lost its enchanting charm.

Thus, the color of the walls and the whole situation certainly bright pastel colors: white, cream, pale pink or light blue, light purple, light gold, and others. Hues.It is better to identify the main light tone and complement it by a semitone shades lighter and darker, bright

colors are excluded.The material used for the walls of wallpaper or paint, and is fine decorative plaster, giving the finish a little sloppy appearance.On the floor lay made old parquet board or laminate with a pattern and a touch of wood.The ceiling is best to leave the white and decorate it figured plaster cornices.

bedroom in style Shabby-chic

This room in the house is perfectly suited for a creative experiment.The bedroom in the style Chebbi-chic - bright room in soft, soothing and relaxing gentle shades.A bed with high carved back, elegant chest of drawers with lots of drawers, dresser, ottoman and armchair upholstered in bright silky cloth flowered or striped - these are the elements of furniture (preferably cream or white in color), which will create the necessary stylistic mood.The bedroom in the style Chebbi-chic can be furnished with new furniture, but not necessarily vintage, aged artificially and artfully.This also applies to lamps and small decorative elements that are very important part of any interior.And, of course, to complete the picture and create a harmonious stylistic image of the room is very important to choose the right textiles.Curtains, bedspreads, decorative cushions and pillows on a bed of light sew light translucent fabrics, lace or imitating lace, made of natural fibers.It is very appropriate to be finish with braid, embroidery and light light silk fringe.

Children in style Shabby-chic

Another room in which the style will look very harmonious - a room for the girls, little princess.That's where it can be used to create a real fairy tale.Light elegant furniture, light textiles, translucent canopy over the bed, plenty of lace and frills, painted curbs or stucco on the walls, wallpaper in the small flower, pink buds on silk cushions and boxes for different things - interior elements that are very popular with young girls.

Not only children's room and bedroom - in style Shabby-chic can be framed as a living room, kitchen, bathroom.In recent years it has become very popular.Light patina of antiquity, "shabby" chic with the patina of time creates a special atmosphere of rest and peace.