Making child's room for a girl: a few tips

Children's Room - a special place, combining a living room, a bedroom, a playground area for activities and sports area.That is why to the design of its interior should be approached deliberately.In this article you will learn how to choose the right design of a child's room for a girl.Here are some tips to help make a place for the baby as comfortable and cozy.

Making child's room for a girl: the color

Choice dominant shade - that's where to start.Most properly arrange the nursery for the baby in soft pink tones.This color has a positive effect on mood, relaxes, helps to suppress excessive physical activity.Admitted as calm pastel colors combined with bright colorful splashes.Not bad look dull "fruit" color: carrot, apple, apricot, and others. From the dark saturated colors should refrain, as they will be depressing effect on the baby.The originality of the room will help to give an interesting design ideas nursery.For example, you can decorate one wall of colorful stickers depicting different ch

aracters: fairies, butterflies, princesses, flowers, toon, etc.


Thinking design of children's rooms for the girls, you need to take a responsible approach to the choice of bed.The bed should not hang curtains or a canopy, hampering the flow of air.For the normal development of the baby, it is important that she could see the whole space of his room.Therefore, the best option would be a small cot with low walls.In addition to the bed in the room to place the table, spacious wardrobe, an ottoman, a mirror.The computer must be placed as far away from the bed.Buying furniture, pay attention to the materials from which it is made.It should give preference to natural wood (beech, pine, oak), avoiding the sets of MDF.Doors cabinet, chest of drawers and cabinets can be arranged fun stickers.


planning the design of children's rooms for girls, you should choose the right fabric.Curtains need to acquire sufficient light while at the same time dense.They do not need to transmit light from the street.Well, if the bedding and bedspread are close shades, in harmony with the interior of the room.The nursery for the baby to fit perfectly all kinds of pillows with ruffles, patterns, embroidery, etc.


on the walls would look perfect baby pictures of her parents and placed in beautiful frames.Shelves and shelves can be decorated with decorative figurines or statues.Fresh flowers - here's another idea that is recommended by thinking interior design children's room.They not only decorate the room, but also to saturate the air with oxygen.Besides, growing up, baby will be happy to take care of them.That brought up in it, and the responsibility will always maintain a good mood.Take care also about the mailbox for storing toys.And on the floor lay a nice warm rug.