A niche in the wall of the interior: hide furniture, arranged exhibitions

Not long ago, the presence in the apartment made her niche in the eyes of tenants some handicap, whether it is the result of design features of the house or in the walls of the gasket member utilities.This nuisance in settling all looked ridiculous.Today, a niche in the wall of the interior - the squeak fashion designer, and her conceive at the design stage housing.

Samu niche can not be called something new.Thousands of years ago in mud houses directly into the wall cavity-made shelf that houses every utensil.Spotlight changed functionality already in Ancient Greece: a pre-conceived niches placed classic antique sculptures.And in medieval castles guarding the peace of the niche occupied by the owner knightly armor.

In modern homes and apartments, if the niche in the wall of the interior is not available, it can be arranged with the help of plasterboard.As before, according to the destination, they are divided into two types: decorative and functional.

thought about how to make a niche in the wall,

if it is decorative, a long time is not necessary.In its simplest form it is a shelf for small items.Much nicer looks recess if you put it in the right picture, family photos, beautiful statues, a collection of souvenirs, or set your favorite trinkets.A big plus decorative niches that their content can be changed depending on the mood and preferences.

With an aquarium in such a niche is more complicated.Of course, the temptation to become the owner of a beautiful and compact nature corner is great.But we need to think of ways to serve the extra space of the aquarium, placing his equipment on the walls to eliminate loss niche condensate.

functional niche in the wall of the interior serves other purposes: it placed pieces of furniture, built-in appliances, TV, video and audio equipment.This niche is usually a considerable depth, so it is recommended to improvement in the large and spacious rooms, where the "eaten" Drywall centimeters will not be as noticeable.

design niche in the wall can be symmetrical and asymmetrical.In the first case, the interior is balanced and harmonized, but it will have to strictly observe the rule of symmetry and arranged respectively on the same geometric shape and size of the niche.In the second case, the asymmetry gives the interior liveliness and dynamics;a recess disposed in the wall or walls free use.

It should think carefully about the kind of illumination each niche.It can not be stressed out, soft, diffuse.Or spot, transforming placed in a niche subject in the exhibition exhibit.It is advantageous to look at this case, the product of a bright and shiny metal, crystal and so on. N.

Another practical solution, which is worth mentioning: a niche in the wall of the bathroom interior designed for a shower.Its comfortable size should be larger than the size of the pallet, - 110h110 cm. Thus it is necessary to take care of a good protection against moisture niches - they will play the role of the walls of the shower.Yet at least 10 cm is required to allocate for the installation of glass doors.

The skillfully fine finished niche can be placed almost everything your heart desires: a washing machine with a basket of laundry and ironing board, wardrobe, bookshelves, cupboards with utensils and spices, hinged cabinet for shoes storage of firewood for the fireplace, a workplace withcomputer and even a sleeping area.

Nis is a unique decorative element, revitalizing and transforming any interior: it loses monotony, changes the style of the room and its geometry.Luxury idea that your home will add attractiveness and personality!