The original interior of the hall in the apartment

In the hallway, people spend the least time, but at the same time its setting is very important.It is usually in a small room in the first place get your guests.From the first impression it depends on the general opinion about the apartment.

Psychologically interior hallway in an apartment is very important for your household.Crossing the threshold of his house, a man falls into a "small fortress".All he found in the hallway, lets you feel the warmth of the family hearth.

first to decorate the hall and began to transform the French.Using interesting design solutions, they began to create stylish and original space that matched the style of the house.

interior hallway in an apartment largely depends on the proper use of light.It can identify and highlight detail, if necessary, or to hide them.Proper lighting can make focus on the interesting texture of a tree.

create an interior hallway in an apartment is much more difficult than in the room or in the kitchen.The fact that these areas are often no

t very large.Therefore, it is important to organize the space.To create comfort in the few square meters, visually divide the available space in the area and determine their functions.Right at the front door, set the shelf or cabinet for shoes.For it to be a coat rack and a wardrobe or chest of drawers to store other things.

can visually expand the space of the hall, right by using different color shades.If the room is too small, you can use the advice of experienced designers and place it in bright and cool colors.However, remember that the interior of the hall in the apartment should not enter into dissonance with the rest of the premises.It was here set the tone and direction is formed around the style of your home.

Interior hallway in the apartment (the photos you see in this article) has a different wall coverings:

  • non-woven, vinyl or fiberglass;
  • decorative plaster, simulating different textures of materials;
  • liquid wallpaper;
  • wide plastic panels, in order not to create unnecessary joints.

With floor you can get an additional effect of zoning.To this end, the following materials are suitable:

  • ceramic tile;
  • linoleum;
  • granite.

Application laminate or carpet in the hallway is inappropriate.

ceiling in this room can be difficult to paint with latex paint, if it is sufficiently smooth, or covered with plasterboard.

correct interior narrow hallway will help to create furniture.In this case, it will not look spectacular monolith furniture and individual pieces of furniture and a variety of small accessories.Small shelves, preferably open, elegant and at the same time simple wooden or metal racks and cabinets for shoes - all these details will help make narrow room a more spacious and functional.Whatever the size of your hallway, do not try it will spam a lot of accessories.Their main task - to add a few bright touches in the room design.Therefore it is necessary to observe moderation.