Design apartment-Khrushchev.

buy luxury real estate can not afford each of us.Therefore, most of the population lives in model homes, built in the Soviet era - Khrushchev.Their main drawback - it is a small area.However, well-designed apartments, Khrushchev design can transform the premises beyond recognition, making it modern and beautiful.Observe only a few rules and recommendations on interior design.


Space saving - the main rule in interior design small apartments.Therefore, bathroom and toilet should be merged.Because of this will be a free space for a washing machine.The bath is best replaced by a compact shower.To visually enlarge the space, the ceiling can be made glossy, equipping it with duct.

design studio-Khrushchev.Photo

Converting one-room apartment can be done in two ways.The first - the demolition of walls.As a result of close odnushka transformed into stylish, modern studio apartment.The second way is to maintain the standard of planning and sharing the main room by a partition into zones.What to do wit

h the kitchen?Organize it as you can rationally and more compact.If, nevertheless, a small kitchen area does not satisfy your desires and requests made in the wall of a small arch.It will unite the dining area and the main room.This has its pros and cons.The new design-apartments Khrushchev, combining two areas will place a large enough kitchen set.Now, however, all the noise and the smell of cooking will be heard in the living room.The sleeping area can be separated from the common room with the help of light partitions or sliding structures.

living room where the owners spend most of their time should be as comfortable, beautiful and comfortable.When planning the design of apartments, Khrushchev, should give preference to lighter tones in the interior (floor and walls).It is best to use a two-tier suspended ceiling.It is visually increase the height of the room.The window must be open as much as possible.To do this, use transparent tulle curtains and light.The furniture should be functional, not bulky and fanciful.Properly chosen lighting will make the living room is not only comfortable, but also more spacious.

design one-bedroom apartment-Khrushchev.Bedroom Set

best to choose light colors.Very good acquisition can be built-in bed.Please note on the dresser.It takes little space and would be pretty functional piece of furniture.It is possible to place the TV, lamp, clock and other little things.The interior is perfectly fit wall sconces and small tables, mirrors.Design of apartments, Khrushchev does not tolerate bulkiness and weight.So thick dark curtains with lambrequins not fit here.It is better to opt for light Roman or Japanese curtains.And to make the room more spacious help point zonal illumination.