Convenience and design.

Needless to say, in our small apartments rooms tend to perform several functions.They are both an office and a bedroom, living room and dining room, bedroom and nursery, etc.And very well, if it is possible to divide these functions and to equip a room, albeit very small, only for family recreation and reception.

When you register any room it is important to identify all of its advantages and disadvantages, and with this in mind to design.Small living room can get very warm, if it is reasonable to dispose of a small layout space and choose the finishes, furniture and accessories with a view of the square.The room is modest size has one important advantage - for his arrangement even on a modest budget, you can choose the expensive, exclusive materials, because they need a little bit.

Design living in a small apartment

success of any project depends on careful preparation.This is important when we settling space and develop its design.Small living room, performing only its direct purpose, is a be

autiful, cozy and warm, if not overloaded unnecessary furniture and accessories to choose the right color of the walls and ceiling, as well as skillfully distributed light sources.

Wall color

bright pastel walls expand the space.However, this does not mean that the bright colors in small spaces can not be used.Dark saturated coating effectively combined with light wood furnishings and white ceiling.Wallpaper better choose plain, but if you really like with a pattern, then pasted them recommend only one wall, turning it into a decorative panel.

Furniture and Design

small living should not be crowded with bulky furniture.It should give up the big cabinets and walls, no matter how comfortable and roomy as they are, and replace them with light shelves and built-in shelves, like "dissolved" on the surface of the wall.It is a good solution for small spaces - use area of ​​the window (which is usually not involved in the interior) to accommodate narrow and light outdoor cabinets.Of course, the center of any room is a soft band consisting of a sofa and chairs and a small table.Upholstered furniture is not necessary to arrange the walls.Successful planning will be front and center in the composition of the small double sofa-transformer, especially if supplemented by an electric fireplace and a television wall panel.

Lighting Design

small lounge to be well-lit.Various light sources are visually expand the space, create a special atmosphere and comfort.

In a small room on the roof of the central chandelier can easily give up, replacing it with hidden illumination around the perimeter of the ceiling, spotlights and ceiling spot with directional light.

In the recreation area set floor or table lamps with large shades.Additional light sources are cozy wall sconces and nadkartinniki weak light direction.


Heavy layered curtains overload interior design small living room.The photo above shows one of the best options for window decoration in a small room - a light white curtains in conjunction with the Roman shades or blinds, if necessary darken the window, but leave a little room filled with light and air.