Design of ceilings in the hall - a way of living transformation

usual whitewash for a long time looks like an anachronism.Modern materials offer almost unlimited possibilities to transform the space.As a result, after the repair, you simply will not be able to find their apartments.And it is no exaggeration to completely transform the entire space capable of original design of the ceiling in the hall.Picture the most successful of its decisions striking.It is difficult to recognize in these luxurious living standard meter of living space.

But to not breaking anything, you need a very careful approach to the development of the project.Any mistake will result in great disappointment.So think through exactly what materials need to realize your pans, outline the lighting scheme, decide the color scheme.

Design ceiling in the room can be laid out in the same plane, or combine multiple levels.The latter approach allows to simulate the room space through visual tricks.Most frequently, the method is applied in the case where it is necessary to split the overall floor s

pace into functional areas.

multilevel structure created using plasterboard or ordering special design of suspended ceilings.In the hall, of course, slightly reduced height.Drywall "eat" about 13 centimeters, but the second option is more lenient (about 5 centimeters).But in the end you will not only enjoy the magnificent interior, but also securely hidden from prying eyes all kinds of technical communication and uneven floors.

This design plasterboard fully able to build their own.For beginners, masters even have a step by step video tutorials posted on the Web.They are professionals almost "fingers" to explain the intricacies of the process.

If you choose the design of ceilings in the hall, which is based on the use of PVC, here on their own can not cope.Mounting tension system is too complex.The technology requires no special equipment, knowledge and skills.In addition, the works are considered, and rightly so, it is extremely flammable.

Regarding colors: here do not have any hard and fast rules.Typically, most stops on the light, neutral shades.But the presence of the bright spots of color did not spoil the design of ceilings.In the hall just do not recommend betting on a green tone.Such discrimination is explained very simply: the tone is too picky about his surroundings.So many, fear of difficulties with the selection of interior parts in harmony, prefer not to work with such a moody color.

tensile structures often drawn painted, decorative inserts.In addition to the smooth surfaces, you can experiment with different textures.Unusual visual effects is the use of mirror elements that are skillfully distort space.However, deciding on a course, you need to arm themselves with a sense of proportion, not to overdo it.

Design ceiling in the hall is complete without a detailed layout of fixtures.Lonely hanging chandelier - it has long been obsolete retro.Who made individually select lighting for each zone, combining in a single project several types of devices: spotlights, wall lamps, LED tapes.