Modern and contemporary ideas for bedrooms

most sincere and personal room in the home of any person is a bedroom.Most often, this room is hidden from prying eyes.Bedroom certainly reveals the individual characteristics of their owners.And any of us strives to arrange the room so that it was cozy and comfortable to spend time after a busy day and happy to meet each morning.

clear recommendations on the design of this room there.Ideas bedrooms varied, and each is selected from the plurality of the option that he would have liked.However, there are general guidelines that will be useful to anyone in the regeneration of the lounges.

Those ideas for bedrooms, which are considered before starting repairs, should fit into the overall design of the apartment.If possible, it is desirable to arrange the room for the rest as far as possible from the other rooms.When selecting ideas for bedrooms is important to choose a suitable design of the walls and ceiling.Much depends on the condition of these surfaces.In the event that you need to align the ceili

ng, while in the planning of the repair should take into account changes in the height of the room.Attention should be paid to the brightness of the room.In the case where the daylight into the room falls insufficient, Ceiling is equipped to be as easy as possible.

When selecting ideas for bedrooms is important to pay attention to the functionality of the room.In this regard, it is important to place the furniture in the room.Main bedroom - the bed.For it is necessary to allocate sufficient space.Generally, designers recommend to place the bed so that on three sides it was easily accessible.When planning the placement of furniture should be remembered that the lounge does not have to be cluttered.

Very often, the room in the apartment, which is given under the bedroom, has a small width.Narrow rooms are found not only in the so-called Khrushchev.This problem also applies to apartments in new buildings.When selecting ideas for narrow bedrooms it is important to place the bed.It is recommended to install it near the smallest wall.This can be done either across or along the room.If possible, it is better to replace a bed sofa.To narrow bedroom perfectly suited angular or shallow closets.At the same time the room itself should not clutter up a variety of accessories and decorative items.The most appropriate style for a narrow bedroom is minimalist.Its use will visually enlarge the space.

When choosing interior design ideas Bedrooms necessary to rely on the psychological portrait of the owners.Conservative and calm the people most suitable classic style.It will feel in the room calm and stability of family comfort.Classic design direction implies the existence of the white furniture, which is combined with gold and pastel colors of the walls and upholstery.The bed and wardrobe can be the color of natural wood.This required the presence of a bronze finish and textile curtains and upholstery should be chosen or pastel blue-green colors.

popular in contemporary d├ęcor and has enjoyed rustic (rural), ethnic (with the details of the national kalorita), eco (using natural materials and earthy colors), high-tech (which combines light and space), and many others.The choice of design depends on the preferences of the owners.