Sports Corner in the nursery: a happy future for your child

Children's room with a sports area - the dream of all the boys who were born in the Soviet Union.But then the kids have other priorities.They spent much time outdoors, playing outdoor games, did not know what a computer is, and dreamed of becoming athletes.The current generation is completely different.Now most of the kids prefer to spend the day at the monitors.And it is mainly parents' fault.

If you want happiness of your child, you will pay much attention to his intellectual development.This means that without the "learning" in the children's area is necessary.Do not forget about physical development.If all the activity your child will be the only pastime in the computer, then it is unlikely to affect the well-intellectual development.Let the kid to exercise right at home, regardless of whether he is visiting any section.But how to organize a sports area in the nursery?It seems particularly problematic if you do not have enough space.Or some children in the family.On the market today there are a lo

t of proposals.So why not buy children's sports area?Its price is not so great as to give up this idea.The average cost of such equipment is 2.5 - 4000 rubles.

But if you decide on a purchase, you need to competently make choices.First of all, the equipment must strictly correspond to the age of your toddler.It is not necessary to acquire polutoragodovalogo crumbs wall bars.It is greatly appreciated (and is useful) "dry" pool filled with plastic balls.And when your kid will knock five, we can think about how to place a sports area in the nursery.And it will be a real complex with ropes, ladders, horizontal bar and rings.You can select an option, equipped with basketball hoop.Classes with them develop motor skills.When the baby turns into a teenager area is also staffed with a punching bag.

Another problem for many - lack of space in the apartment.And you want to, and living space does not allow.In this case, the rescue furniture with sports elements.It is, for example, on the bed or a cabinet with a slide, ladder, rings target.But this option is more suitable for the baby.In the case of an older child, you can think about how to combine the zone of sleep and accommodation area of ​​clothing, for example.You should not go overboard and buy a small apartment complex is huge.You can do simple questions, such as the wall bars and a couple of rings.

Sports Area in the nursery should always be safe.It is primarily concerned with the materials from which it is made.Ask to provide you with a health certificate.By the way, the older the child the more serious need to think of ways and reliability of fastening elements in the room.Installation of this equipment is to entrust all the professionals.Though not skimp on children.You can buy both metal and wooden area.But most importantly, that all of its elements are fastened together securely, and wooden parts had no roughness.In the case of the metal structure all the bolts must be closed, and ideally the paint does not smell and can not be deleted.

Thus, the decision to buy and install a sports area in the children's room is quite reasonable.The main thing is to choose the right and place it.