Choose an interior children's room for two girls

Thinking interior of a child's room for two girls, it should be remembered that the child - a personality.Therefore, each child should have his own zone and leisure.Correctly plan interior nursery for two - not an easy task.By its decision must be approached carefully, examined and calculating all the possible options.


Normally interior nursery for two girls executed in bright colors, mostly in pink, white, beige, orange or light green.On the walls would look nice wallpaper with the image of different characters: princesses, butterflies, animals, toon or flowers.Today is a very popular sticker for a child's room, in which you can decorate the original wall.


coating should be chosen from environmentally friendly materials.It is not recommended to lay on the floor parquet.It should also give up the carpet for the reason that it accumulates a dust and dirt.The ideal option would be a small rug with a pattern in the center of the room.


Child's room for two girls' impli

es the existence of two separate beds.Beds can be placed side by side, parallel to each other or along one wall.In this case, they should be divide a bedside table, a chest of drawers or a screen.You can also place them perpendicular.However, this option is suitable only for a square-shaped rooms.If children are not afraid of heights, you can buy a bunk bed.It is significantly saves space, leaving enough space for the big games and activities.Apart from the bed, the room must be equipped with two bedside tables, a large closet, two desks and one more, which would be able to deal simultaneously with two children.It is very important the presence of shelves for books.And every girl to be his workplace with a bedside table, drawers, and so on.


Choosing interior of a child's room for two girls, remember that it must fit into three areas: work, play and rest area.Take care of a secluded place where you can quietly read, think and be alone.Conditionally divide the space of the room is possible by means of zoning.For these purposes, you can use the mini-walls, color, multi-level modular furniture.Close to work and sleeping place every girl should have its own light source (table lamp, wall lamp, floor lamp).My light will help avoid some of the quarrels and differences between children.

Space saving

This question is particularly relevant for small apartments.If the parents cope with this task very difficult, interior designer children's room will help rationally and wisely arrange the bedroom for girls.The solution may be folding beds that are built into furniture horizontally or vertically.They are used only during sleep, freeing the space of the room for the afternoon games, entertainment and others. Another option - withdrawable bed.They are installed in the podium, out of which at the right time and go.