White Dolce door Porte

Today one of the most popular products in the door industry are white doors.According to some estimates, people in the door business, more than a third are sold door white door or close to them shades of vanilla or ivory.So we decided to write a short release on one of the most important products in this segment, primarily due to the high quality paint - doors Dolce Porte.

We begin our story from the fact that the white door may be different types of coverage.Let's list, which has views of the white doors of a type coatings.

  1. White veneered doors.It uses natural veneer, which is impregnated with enamel white with patinas of different colors or without patina.It must be said that this subsection must be attributed doors in ivory doors and vanilla.As natural veneer is to acquire properties yellowing with time.This is one of the biggest challenges for these doors.You buy a white door, and over time (a year or two), you will be yellowish-green cloth.
  2. Doors white artificial, synthetic coating.As the foun
    dation can be used as an array, and the MDF together with the honeycomb.Typically, these units are the most appropriate or cost budget.Due to the quality of the final product, you are not getting enough expensive door.Of the advantages of such doors: low cost, a coating which has a greater resistance to UV and does not change color over time, moisture resistance of the door.Of the minuses: the cheaper the appearance of the door unit, the film, if it is cheap, quick oblazit from the base of the door leaf and, especially of the boxes and casings.
  3. Painted white doors, which are made by Italian technology of production of such products.If you have a multi-layer coating, these doors have drawbacks.They are very resistant to mechanical damage and shock.It does not fade with time and are not afraid to ultraviolet radiation.Completely resistant to changes in temperature and humidity changes.

Doors Dolce Porte belong to the third type of door mentioned in the list above, but with a few reservations.They are made of high-tech Italian equipment.The main advantage of this product is that paint products are applied to the canvas and planed in several layers.First, after a fine sanding sealer is applied to all items in the three layers that dry before applying the next one.Next, the same method is applied to a special primer that is malleable to mechanical damage.And last applied polyurethane British acrylic enamel not less than three layers.As a result of these actions is obtained perfectly flat and smooth surface of the painted doors.For comparison, look at the door painted in any shopping center and compare them with doors Dolce Porte.For experienced buyers recommend pay attention to the end of the door and check for touch.At the door blocks are not of high quality production end will not dyed evenly and have a roughness.This is due to the fact that manufacturers do not paint the doors separately face because of the higher cost of production and, consequently, the final price of the doors on the market.