The original kitchen design studio

Nobody would argue that the kitchen is very important in every apartment.It does not just cook - is close people communicate, share their secrets.

Not so long ago came to us from the West kitchen design studio.He came and firmly taken root.Most often, the kitchen combined with living in two-bedroom apartment, which has two more rooms.But often the kitchen and a room together, even in one-room apartments.This allows you to get a kitchen design studio, in accordance with the modern fashion and their own preferences.This design space is very different from the usual and normal living kitchen.This is one common room.Therefore, it is especially important to preserve the harmony of the two, in their different functional purpose of premises.

The apartment kitchen-studio performs many functions.It has a kitchen, dining room, living room and a place to rest, and often the workplace.This space is required to zone.Recently wide application has received a glass partition that separates the cooking area from th

e rest of the room.This is quite justified and reasonable solution - it takes place a bit, well transmits light.Today

kitchen design studio is complete without the visual delineation of space techniques: multilevel ceiling, a podium, finishing the walls in different colors, individual lighting for each zone.

The kitchen-studio can be issued in a single room with style and different.It is important not to create a sharp contrast and a sense of disharmony.

Properly thought-out design small kitchen studio space make this a wonderful vacation spot.With limited space looks good kitchen-studio, which mounted a bar, which will replace the dining table.If you wish, you can put a small sofa.You can use the sliding table, which saves space.There are many ideas on the design of a small kitchen, the main thing - do not be afraid to experiment, and you can create the room of your dreams.

Every woman dreams of hosting on the bright and spacious kitchen.But unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to have a luxurious apartment.Hundreds of thousands of families are forced to settle for a modest "kopeck piece" in the "Khrushchev".Many of our compatriots living in such flats, do not despair and struggling to reschedule their humble abode.

Create a kitchen design studio in the "Khrushchev" is not easy.First we need to create a redevelopment project, which must be approved in many instances.Otherwise, your repair may have very serious consequences.After all, you will need to demolish walls and partitions.

Kitchen Design Studio is not suitable for every apartment, because you will have to sleep next to the refrigerator, you will prevent noise from the exhaust running while cooking, as the most powerful ventilation system does not relieve you of extraneous odors.Kitchen Studio is most suitable for a bachelor apartment or young couples, where the cooking process is not too often.