The design of the room for a young man - to create a comfortable private area

room - a private space, which reflects not only the character of the owner, but also his age.You do not come to mind until old age to live in an environment of child.Therefore, the fact that it is satisfied the tastes of boys and fits well into the teen room design, for the young men to be somehow out of place - and funny too infantile.It is necessary to emphasize the status of the owner an adult space, given its desire for independence.Right now, in this period of life I want to emphasize his independence.

meet the demand for autonomy, it is necessary to make the most functional room design.For a young person, and there will be a study and a bedroom, and living room.You say that this is impossible?Like, square footage not rubber.Yes, physically impossible to stretch the space, but the modern modular furniture and techniques of zoning spaces capable of miraculously "build" useful centimeters.

So we have available room for the young guy, the interior design is based on the breakdown of the territory

according to a functional purpose.Visually divide the working area, a place to sleep, a place for get-togethers with friends in several ways.If the footage is sufficient, the movable partitions (elements borrowed from classical Japanese practice of "housing") make it easy to simulate the space of just a laid-back movement of the hand.Another method - is highlighted individual islands.Not bad working reception when zoning is carried out by a multi-level division of the room: podiums, ceilings, niches.

design room for the young man does not overload the room furniture.The main principle: a minimum of objects, the maximum practicality.Sometimes it is better to sacrifice the traditional bed in favor of the couch-transformer.During the day it can be pozazhigat with friends, but with the comfort to sleep off the night before school.

Concerning the Occupation: the computer table is required.Worthless get a job with a laptop anywhere.And the back is hurt, and tune in a working mood, lounging on the floor or sitting in a chair, is quite difficult.

developing the design of the room for a young man to prefer a calm, neutral colors.Wallpapers better to prefer decorative plaster.Let the owner of the room itself will put the necessary emphasis.Still on the walls will soon be posters of favorite bands.Simple setting allows you to adjust the room for yourself, filling it with those little things that reflect the spirit and habits of the owner.

not get involved in complex fabrics, refined textures.Guys do not like too much to bother with cleaning, so try to help them in it.The easier it is to care for the surfaces, the cleaner is in the room.Modern soft corners often supplied Stands for drinks, so no need to fuss over every time the upholstery of the couch.After fighting with the habit of "snacking at" useless.

And, perhaps, one more thing, which is worth paying attention to, considering the design of the room for a young man - this is the right lighting.Not limited to a single ceiling lights.Take care of each individual lighting zones.Apply table lamps, sconces, as well as the now fashionable lighting - LED strips.