We think through the design of the bathroom, room with WC

repair - it is not only the joy of the upcoming updates, and efforts related to the choice of materials and design.What to say about remaking the restroom?Typically, this is the room in the apartment is the smallest, but it is very functional, especially if we are talking about the bathroom, room with WC.There are a number of reasons why the owners of modern apartments settled on such a serious step as the union of a shower and a toilet.This desire to increase the total area of ​​the bathroom with a view to setting more convenient plumbing, and the desire to save on space by eliminating one of the doors.Of course, there are also disadvantages, such as loss of use of both the shower and the toilet.But participation in the development of such a project, such as design of the bathroom, room with WC, gives its owners the opportunity to realize all your wishes and preferences.Now let's turn to the issue of registration of combined bathroom.However, following the advice below will be out of place at project

design any washroom.

  1. Selection combines the color palette.No matter what design bathroom with WC, you choose, it is important that the color design of bathrooms in harmony with the general stylistic decision apartment.In addition, the color of the walls and the floor should be combined.
  2. Most manufacturers of tile making every effort in order to bathroom, with WC, the design of which you come up with yourself, look harmonious, and so they produce a whole series of wall and floor tiles.
  3. Most often the owners combined bathroom to save space instead of traditional bath sets showers, which, however, not everyone likes, because even if the bathrooms all the procedures you prefer a quick shower, and sometimes still want to soak in a little warm foam.Ideal but such cases - hydroboxing, combines the functions of both a bath and shower.
  4. Particular attention is paid to not hurt the floor texture.Whatever the projected design of the bathroom, room with WC, floor covering should not cause absolutely no discomfort on contact.
  5. Installing toilets as close as possible to the wall, and the use in the design of showers and corner baths can help save even more space.Then, in this room, in addition to traditional items of sanitary ware and a washing machine can be installed a safe-linen and towels and a bidet.And in general, the design of the bathroom, room with WC, gives unlimited flight of your imagination.Space saving due to modern compact solutions, you can post here everything you need.
  6. Design bathroom, combined with a toilet must also include proper selection of lighting.It should be uniform.Very impressive look in these bathrooms have mirrors with integrated lights in advance.
  7. If you have limited time or feel that deal with registration of premises you can not afford, contact the person who easily laid out and offer the best for you design combined bathroom, photos and preliminary sketches which you will appreciateor, if necessary, modified.

In this case, however, it should be remembered that the union premises - it is time-consuming and risky.Often people reshivshiesya on such a bold step, and then disappointed in their choice and then share a bathroom and toilet.