Interior: choose the color of the wallpaper

color has many properties.With it you can not just make any interior paint, but also improve your mood.After all, how color can visually increase the size of the room, and as a whole to change its perception.Therefore it is very important to select for your home furnishing correct color.

Choosing the color of the wallpaper, of course, you must first take into account their preferences.But do not forget about how color affects humans.For example, to create a creative atmosphere suitable yellow or purple shades.For the passionate and sensual nature - certainly red.For secure and peaceful - green.White wallpaper looks good in open spaces.It will give the room fresh and clean.Dark, on the contrary, a feeling of cold and darkness.

Bright colors give strength and energy, but to make the whole room a bright and colorful it is not necessary.Because in the end it will have the opposite effect - excessive irritation and fatigue.For those who prefer a slow and measured life, bright colors in general are inapp

ropriate.The ideal option would be muted shades of the walls.

Color Wallpaper selected depending on the purpose of the premises.Bedroom -
most private room in the whole house.It wants to relax and unwind after a busy day.Therefore, no bright colors and heavy.Furthermore, it is important to pay attention not only to the color of the wallpaper but also on the material from which they are made.The main thing - the naturalness.For the walls of this room if it is not very large, it is best avoided as too large drawings and small patterns.It's visually makes the room even smaller.Bedrooms are well suited to soothing colors such as blue, pink, yellow or green.

for kid's room is best to choose shades of calm.A good choice would be the wallpaper blue, light purple, pale pink or green.You can use wallpaper with an interesting vivid print to get the attention of the child.The main thing is that the colors are not too flashy and sharp.When making a child's room should not use dark colors and zemlyanistye and repetitive patterns.It will dissipate the attention of the child and interfere with his concentration.

In the kitchen, the family spends a lot of time.So, this room should be bright, pleasant and comfortable.In addition, color may affect the appetite.For example, Blue - contributes to its reduction, and red or orange, on the contrary, increase.Here, the choice is yours.Kitchen is well suited wallpaper beige, yellow or orange.

The living room in the first place, it should be festive and cozy.With this it is best to cope yellow, brown, hazel shades.Well, the room a unique look can be given, combining different colors.Only need to know when to stop: it is not necessary to use more than 3-4 tones.And it is very important that the color well and smoothly combined with each other.

In general, when choosing wallpaper for your home is best to try to avoid monotony, or, conversely, too much contrast.Except when it's special ideas for original and stylish interior.