Interesting ideas for balcony

Very often we completely forget that balcony - this is not the place for storing old and useless things, and one of the rooms of our house.So why not return it to that status and make it attractive, unique and very comfortable?Let's look at some ideas for balcony, which will help transform it.

get rid of old

Let's get started.First we need to get rid of all unnecessary and broken things.Yes, the idea that they have not time can be useful, flashed in my head each.But without regret making space to translate our dreams into reality.Boxes and plastic bottles can be long leave.They are useful for changing the interior balcony, and what is left, throw a little later.

Ideas arrangement balcony

options for processing the balcony very much.It remains only to choose the one that will have your taste.You should begin to repair the balcony.And what it will be - capital or cosmetic - it's up to you.This will help to freshen the room and make it more modern.Lovely curtains on the windows will help give the

room warmth and charm.And the furniture is quite possible to buy an ad in the newspaper.In most cases, it is of good quality and beautiful, just a little bit fed up with the owners.To create comfort in its private balcony, it is fine.And you can make small ottomans hands.There may be as many as you want.It will be very romantic.

Balcony small - what to do?

Modern furniture allows us to give comfort to any room.And so the idea for the balcony, even a little, give a space of imagination, which is difficult to stop.It is quite accommodate folding table and chairs, which will have a great time for afternoon tea.And you can turn it into a small garden.To do this, just need to hang on the walls of pots with climbing plants, and on the window sill and the floor to put the bookcase with flowers.By the way, if you insulate the balcony, then it is possible to grow fresh herbs and some vegetables, even in winter.Such an kind of garden without leaving the cottage.

Ideas balcony: what does not account?

If the house does not have a separate room where you can have a quiet read or work, then this can be quite a good idea to adapt the balcony.It is enough to hang on window blinds or roman shades, so as not to interfere with the views from the neighboring balconies;put up your desktop with a computer and transfer the bookshelves.Little detail for comfort, such as paintings and figures of animals, and here it is - your own room for a fruitful and serene work on the most complex projects.

BBQ in town or unusual ideas for the balcony?

If the dimensions allow, then it is quite possible to turn into a wonderful relaxation room.Sofa, a few chairs, a small table and lots of pillows will allow your friends to gather here and have some fun.And if you put a compact barbecue, you can be the picnic at home, without having to travel into the countryside.It is the perfect solution, especially if you can not often go out of town.


So it is only the small part of how and what you can turn your balcony.If you fancy a bit limited, it is possible to see in magazines or websites design and construction of other design ideas balcony.Photos are so many that the eyes diverge.And then you need not excite your imagination, and vice versa - to stop it.But it is better do not be - let your balcony will be not only comfortable, but also quite unlike anything previously created.