The interiors of the bedrooms in the classic style.

King in the interior of the premises, regardless of fashion trends and the time is still a classic style.The room, decorated in the traditional canons, is conducive to peace and tranquility.That is why the interiors of bedrooms in classic style are very popular.In this article I will discuss the main features of the embodiments of the design direction.

Interiors bedrooms in classic style.Main trends


When making a bedroom should give preference to a balanced and calm tones such as blue, white, sand, light yellow or green.Not bad will look as "royal" burgundy color.Some designers prefer coffee and lilac shades.An important attribute of classical style antique - bronze or brass.These shades give the room a special touch.


This part of the room requires a special approach.The fact is that the interiors of the bedrooms in the classic style are unthinkable without a richly decorated ceiling.It is important that the surface was absolutely smooth, without any flaws and errors.T

he main decorative elements are friezes, moldings, murals.It is also perfectly suited ceilings with photo printing.


To finish should choose environmentally friendly and natural materials.Modern designers to create interiors of bedrooms in classic style, the walls covered with fabrics (silk, brocade).You can also use the wallpaper with a specific pattern: the classic figures, royal lilies, ornaments, etc.Admitted as a panel of expensive natural wood.


main piece of furniture - a bed.It should be chosen very carefully.Even a small bedroom in a classic style should be equipped with a good bed of precious wood.It can be decorated with precious stones, elegant carved gilded ornaments.Very nice look figure headboard legs of various fanciful, decorative elements and patterns.In the classic style fits perfectly into bed with a canopy of translucent light flowing fabrics.In addition to the bed, the room should be, and other items of furniture set.Chest of drawers, wardrobe, dressing table and bedside tables must not cede on the elegance and sophistication.


graceful chandeliers, richly decorated lamps, patterned candle holders - all of this can be seen in the photo and has a classic style.Ceiling, as a rule, are decorated with bronze or gold leaf.The decor of the chandeliers are widely used elements of forging, crystal or transparent stones.


main decoration of the bedroom - luxurious and elegant fabrics.The main priority should be given velvet, silk, satin.These fabrics will make your bedroom aristocratic and respectable.The windows are recommended to hang thick curtains with lambrequins and light tulle flowing from lightweight materials.This clearance will give the interior a royal special elegance.Soft carpet, blanket, bedspread and pillows have many harmony of color and style to the design of the room.I hope these simple recommendations will help transform your bedroom into a very cozy and comfortable area in the apartment.