Trendy interior Ecostyle

In recent years, many European countries, one of the trendiest areas in the interior became Ecostyle or naturel (┬źNaturrel┬╗), which translated from French means "natural, natural."

Its appearance is due to an excessive increase in science and technology, reflected in the interior of the home of modern man.High-tech and "too smart" house became annoying.There was a desire to surround himself with natural materials.

Ecostyle in the interior of each inhabitant metropolis is a contrasting cold and heartless man-made materials.He brings our contemporary to natural reasons.Ecostyle interior solve the main task - creating a spectacular and spacious grounds, which also will be practical, functional and comfortable.As established in the apartment or house corner of nature to spend your free time after crazy rhythm of a big city, crushing a man with plastic and steel.

Ecostyle perhaps the most free of all styles, facing nature.Chalet, provence, country, Mediterranean have strict canons.They must be strictly

observed.But Ecostyle in the interior of each can create, listening to their own feelings.The main rule - to use only natural materials.They are used in its original form or with minimal trim.Possibly more careful treatment of the material, but it should only be performed manually.Fans of this style believe that industrial finishing kills the live energy of nature.

Today it is fashionable to include the interior of the major elements of natural materials that felt texture, primordial form.For example, it may be the original coffee table saw cut from a tree trunk.

Interestingly, these natural supplements especially look good in the modern interior.Therefore, if your apartment is made good repair, you can easily add as many elements of the "naturel", so she will become only more beautiful.But if your house is already ten years old in need of repair, the most beautiful panels of branches will not make it better.You only achieve impressions "bright makeup on wrinkled face."

Ecostyle in the interior has its own, distinct from other colors.It is all natural colors and natural tones.Mostly brown and green palette.This is related to the gamut of the earth and plants.Admitted shades of natural stone, sand, milk, and the evening sky.They are diluted with beige and white colors.

Ecostyle in the interior (the photos you see on this page) involves the use of only natural materials.However, today is unlikely to do without the use of polymers and synthetic fibers, but their inclusion should be minimized.Paul preferred to do the parquet or solid wood, available ceramic tile, cork, carpets made from natural fibers.Ceilings are usually smooth, with wooden beams, or sewn lining, which can then be painted or tinted.

Ecostyle design features the wall paper, bamboo or jute wallpaper.You can pick them up with floral pattern.