The combination of wallpaper in the interior - the basis of harmony

combination of wallpaper in the interior is very important, because otherwise the room will look uncomfortable and hard.To avoid this, you must know the basic rules and nuances of the combination of finishing materials.It should be noted that the design of the room with a few shades of wallpaper is very popular.The fact that the room in this case is not that boring, but interesting and fun.

combination of wallpaper in the interior depends on the size of the room, as well as its purpose.For example, for a small room can not be selected finish with a large pattern or wallpaper too dark shades - they will make the room even smaller.In this case it is better to use bright wallpaper.For example, Poquelin blue and blue material.Try to pick the color so that the two shades were close to each other.

combination of wallpaper in the interior requires knowledge of cold and warm palette of colors.In addition, you should decide what you want to emphasize in the room.For example, if you have a very beautiful fur

niture, try to choose a dim monotonous finishing walls.Semantic center of the room to be allocated.For example, choose colorful materials, but do not glue the them everywhere, quite a few bands.The rest of the walls should be plastered on more modestly.

perfect combination of wallpaper in the interior is the use of monochromatic material fotootdelkoy.Today, you can choose any pattern and stick it on the wall.It should be noted that in addition to the combination of beauty wallpaper provides a visual change of dimensions of the room.

Since most used in the house is a living place, here interior decoration is of great ornamental and practical value.For example, besides the color should also consider the stability of the material to external influences.For example, where the wall is exposed to various negative influences most of all, you need to use a material that is able to last for a long time even in the most adverse conditions.In other parts of the premises glue the more decorative finish, which may not differ special durability.

combination of wallpaper in the living room interior is very important because it can make the room not only beautiful, but also cozy.Clumsily combined finish is a mixed feeling.Combine it should be not only in color but in texture.It should also be noted that it is important adhering wallpaper orientation (horizontal or vertical).It all depends on what result you want.For example, if the ceiling in the room is too high, try wallpaper paste so as to make them more visually low.For example, use the horizontal orientation finishes.

Sometimes you should use this technique as a combination of contrasting materials, but here you must be very careful.For example, a bright band should be slightly narrower than the main processing.If you still can not understand how you arrange the room, look for a combination of wallpaper in the interior, where there are photos in fashion magazines and professional directories, or consult with the designer.