Desktop as a way to transform the space

Extend the apartment walls and let the house of the sea-shore, birch grove and the snow-covered mountain peak, without changing the geometry of space - how is this possible?The answer is simple - wallpaper.They have a rich long history.In Soviet times, enjoyed great popularity Mural depicting scenery (just do not let the other).To meet this "beauty" can be had in every other apartment.The "dashing nineties" people were not up to beauty, and about the Desktop for the time forgotten.And not so long ago, has revived interest in wallpapers.

those works of art of printing, which today offer the consumer, can not even compare with what is called the first photo wallpapers.

Plots photo pictures amazing variety and quality of any suit even the most demanding customer.And if you suddenly do not like any design can be ordered Desktop customized with family photos or pictured on vacation grown fond scenery.

can choose "fotoizyuminku" to any room in the house, starting from the hallway.Traditionally small spa

ce to push the vastness, if you put on a wall Mural depicting chamomile field or savanna.

The bathroom would be appropriate bright tropical fish and frolicking dolphins scattered around the sparkling emerald sea water splashes.

Kitchen suggests "tasty" scenes photo wallpapers.There's someone that the taste: disintegrated enticing tropical fruits and scattered mixed deep fried coffee beans, cinnamon sticks and anise stars.Sweet Tooth prefer to admire the elegant cake surrounded by delicious cinnamon rolls.

Calm down and relax at bedtime will help the image of branches of the cherry blossoms against a background of turquoise sky or big shot soft flower surrounded by lush green leaves placed on the bedroom wall.Good tunes on a calm way and the image of the vast green field.

wallpaper for nursery - a separate issue.For newborn crumbs, you can choose a quiet figure in gentle tones, howcast-kindergartners more suitable bright picture favorite cartoon character or machines with airplanes, and little princess would prefer to live in a fairytale castle interiors.Over time, the children grow up, and plots photowall change according to new interests.And now adorns a wall box into space with a scattering of stars and nebulae twists.

huge dandelion with loosened "parachutes" on the wall of the living room adds lightness and ease of communication.Funny admire a huge metropolis with a bird's-eye view, without getting up from your favorite couch in the living room, decorated in the style of urban.And if you have a comfortable chair is a huge French windows opening onto a terrace overlooking the sea, you can easily imagine yourself the owner of a beautiful mansion somewhere in the Maldives, to furnish your living room furnished in Mediterranean style."Forever young, forever drunk" perfect living in a pop art style, decorated with photo wallpapers with a stylized image of a beautiful girl and a huge gorilla.

Happy owners of studios, where the kitchen, dining room and living room are combined in one room, have a wonderful opportunity to zone the space with the help of photo wallpapers.For example, sitting at a large dining table, guests can enjoy the long rows of giant columns of ancient buildings dating back to the future.

Mural - the highlight of the interior, the main thing in choosing - the sense of taste and measure.