Belarusian doors

Recently, one of the most prominent manufacturers in the market of interior doors are Russian - Belarusian door.

To understand why Belarusian doors acquired such a high popularity among buyers in Moscow and the region, let's look at the inner door "on the closer".

The first visual inspection of the Belarusian doors, we can note that they are made soundly and from natural materials, such as solid pine, alder or oak.And from the array are made not only on the perimeter of the rack canvas like so many of our manufacturers, and all of the door leaf, including panels and part of the baguette.Also made of solid oak glazing beads that hold the glass in the opening of the web.

Some models of the Belarusian interior doors Hales made from solid alder: Luxury interior doors, door Polo, Catherine Hales doors, doors Quadro.The door is made of an array has a longer lifespan compared to veneered door or ekoshpon.This is due to the fact that no solid wood unstuck with time and does not change the color tone.With

regard to mechanical damage, it is superfluous explanations are unnecessary, the array stronger than any hollow articles.

Another feature, perhaps unique to our market is planed Belarusian interior doors.Door box is made of 100% solid pine, alder or oak.Door box made of an array has several advantages over a box, made of sandwich panels, MDF or pure.As is well known on the door box fastens all parts of the door unit, including door leaf and trim.Often the door panels are heavy, it is because they are made of solid wood and have a void.Therefore, door frame bears the brunt.Box Belarusian interior doors of the array is not sags and does not bend under load.An additional advantage of an array of boxes is the fact that the fastening element hardware is much better kept in the tree than the finely-dispersed fractions.

Huge advantage Belarusian interior door casing is made of solid wood.Plat is made of the array with the application of milling or radiused forms for more aesthetic appearance of the door unit.

Thus, considering Belarusian doors as an option, you get the interior doors of high quality at quite adequate price.A wide range of Belarusian doors can be found in the online store dverinasharu.There are doors and steel line and interior doors leading manufacturers of Belarus, such as doors Hales, doors vist.

Set Belarusian door is very easy, you can do it yourself, but it is better to give it to the professionals.Accuracy in installation of doors affect its performance and longevity.Besides massive doors easily restoration, they are not so easy to mess up.Glass doors in the Belarusian installed at the factory.Used frosted white glass and bronze glass with drawing art matting.

considering such an important purchase as interior doors, you are sure to encounter Belarusian doors.